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We’re pretty flexible about what music plays on our radio. That’s right we haven’t ventured into the mp3 players but we certainly love the on demand music stations provide by our cable company.


Five Bands You Should Hear

Its summertime which is a perfect time of year to discover new bands. Here are five bands that you may not have heard of but should give a listen to. Waterparks is a very...

1989 (Deluxe) by Taylor Swift 0

1989 by Taylor Swift


1989 is named for Taylor Swift’s birth year but it also is fitting as Taylor is re-birthing her brand image. And while it sticks to its theme, it does have some 1980’s pop incorporated into it but it really is so much more. Welcome to New York has a great beat to it and could be great for workouts or listening to when you wake up in the morning. Another track worth mentioning is Style. That is as close as she gets to any of the post breakup type of songs she loves to do. Bad Blood is a catchy song which is already rumored to be about Katy Perry.

Prism by Katy Perry 0

Prism by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s second album was released today. It has some of what you expect from Katy but definitely shows off a new side of her. We all know who Perry is so lets just...