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Icon for Hire Releases Second Album


Icon for Hire‘s sophomore album was released today. They are sticking to the current trend of this year and released it as a self titled album. I don’t recall so many self titled albums...


Amelita by Court Yard Hounds


Amelita was the first time we heard anything from Courtyard Hounds. It was a disappointment. Courtyard Hounds was founded by Martie Maguire and Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks. We both liked some of...

Damage by Jimmy Eat World 0

Damage by Jimmy Eat World


Damage is the eighth album from Jimmy Eat World but it is not their best work. The album is okay and not really bad but it has a few songs that kind of suck...

Emily's Army Lost at Seventeen 0

Lost At Seventeen by Emily’s Army

Lost at Seventeen is the second album from Emily’s Army and they have fine tuned their sound with this one with more of a grunge rock meets pop punk feel. A couple of songs...

The Influents 0

Free Music Download: The Influents

Normally when we review an album it is a new release but odds are you have never heard of The Influents and they are worth a listen. I would group them as a Pop...

Changed by Rascal Flatts & Contest 2

Changed by Rascal Flatts & Contest


Rascal Flatts eighth album is not what I expected it to be.  It is not the normal Rascal Flatts sound I have come to enjoy. Two out of eleven of the songs are the...