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Things we’ve attended in person including county fairs, wrestling shows, and so much more.

WWE event 2

WWE Supershow

Sunday night, we went to see a local WWE event.  It was originally sheduled as a RAW house show but changed to a Supershow when the Smackdown event was cancelled due to weather issues....

ABQ BioPark 1

ABQ BioPark

Our family had a great time at the Albuquerque BioPark which includes the Rio Grande Zoo, Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanic Garden and Tingley Beach. We spent most of our time at the zoo but...

Our Vacation Was Fantastic! 1

Our Vacation Was Fantastic!

Grandma Deb, Tim, the boys and I took an impromptu mini-vacation to Albuquerque, New Mexico. A dozen days give or take to plan a vacation seemed impossible but Tim and I tag teamed all...