The Comprehensive List of TV – Fall Season 2013


Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, she responds to Yoast support requests, and she loves to ramble on about anything. When not doing those, she can be found slaving over the kitchen stove cooking for her family, curled up with a good book or watching any one of her favorite TV shows.

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8 Responses

  1. I’m amazed at how many good shows are on Wednesday nights… I just can’t get them all in (and my DVR can only record one show at a time). Was hoping to catch up on Revolution, but I guess I’ll have to watch online 🙂 Great list!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Four words: Sam and Dean Winchester. LOVE Supernatural!

  3. Misty says:

    I love the way you made this lists layout. There are so many shows that I am excited for their return. I am a giddy school girl over here.

  4. Alecia says:

    WOW! What a great list!
    A lot of our favorite shows have or are ending, not sure what to fill in with…
    LOVED S.H.I.E.L.D. tonight.

  5. so much of these I watch cant WAIT for them to start again:
    New Girl
    white collar (YES MMMMmmm Matt Bomer!!!)
    2 broke girls

    can’t wait!!

  6. I’m excited for Bones, and Once Upon a Time. I’ve just started watching Revolution on netflix, so we’ll see how I like it. We don’t actually get TV though…we were going to, but we didn’t know we aren’t allowed to place a dish anywhere on our building, so we had to cancel when we moved.

    • Angi says:

      We’ve watched reruns of Bones and really want to start from the beginning of that series. We started Once Upon a Time but it conflicted with other shows for DVR space and we haven’t looked to watch it elsewhere. Revolution is a great show!

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