Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

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  1. Tamara

    I have a pressure cooker that has never been used. I am a little intimidated by it. Do you have tips on using it for newbies.
    I am going to have to Pin this recipe, as I am sure it would go great w/ fried chicken or anything really. 😉

  2. Adrienne

    Angi, we do not have a pressure cooker. We have talked about getting one. We borrowed one from a friend once to do some canning. (It was older without a pressure gauge and the canning did not work.) I love my rice cooker. Why do you suggest a pressure cooker? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! ~Adrienne

  3. Kelly

    We have a pressure canner. From what I understand a pressure canner can be a pressure cooker, but not vice versa. I have made garlic mashed potatoes the traditional way in the past, but I never heard of adding vinegar. I do have recipes that require you to add vinegar to milk so I realize it just give you a milk very much like butter milk to mix the potatoes. I enjoyed reading the recipe and love the fact that it serves 12 since we love mashed potatoes at our house.

  4. Jenn

    I love mashed potatoes, but I’ve never had a pressure cooker. 7 minutes? That’s awesome. Plus the recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing a completely different way to make a family staple!

  5. Yona Williams

    My Dad has been expressing interest in a pressure cooker. He keeps talking about it, which means that my parents will probably wind up with one very soon…lol. Garlic is my absolute favorite way to season meat and other things…I love it in mashed potatoes too. I need to use real cloves of garlic more often though. I always forget to buy it when I’m at the store.

  6. Vicky

    I haven’t used a pressure cooker in years. I don’t even own one anymore so I would have to make this the old fashioned way but I would like to try this. It sounds delicious. I think I’ll try this for Easter dinner. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kelly O'Brien

    This recipe is making my mouth water. I love garlic mashed potatoes. I have toyed with getting a pressure cooker but haven’t really known to many people that use them. Are they pretty versatile? I have a large family and think it might be a great tool if they make them big enough to make enough for us all. I may have to look into one. Thanks for the info!

  8. Andi

    My hubby makes a mean mash potato and I think the fresh herbs are the key. He doesn’t use buttermilk, I am going to have him try that as well for a hint of a different taste.

  9. Tiffany

    I always use garlic in my mashed potatoes but never thought to add parsley and chives. It sounds delish! Our pressure cooker died a few years ago, thanks for the recommendation on what you use.

  10. Lynne

    Love, love, love mashed potatoes! I am printing this recipe and plan to make them this week. I have seen some cooking demonstrations with pressure cookers and have been wanting to get one. Sounds like I won’t be disappointed! Thanks for the recipe!!

  11. Toni

    My aunt used a pressure cooker a lot when I was a little girl — for cooking and canning. She would always warn me to stay away!! Lol! I’ve thought about trying one as an adult, and it’s on my kitchen wish list! Thank you for sharing and bringing back a fond memory!

  12. Christy

    Okay, you just won me over with the 40 cloves of garlic! We’re at my mom’s right now, and she will LOVE trying this recipe. It’ll be on the menu this week I am sure!

  13. Scarlett

    I have been eyeing pressure cookers – cooking fresh food quickly is so attractive. Sounds like a good recipe. Thanks for providing the alternate recipe for those of us without pressure cookers.

  14. Stephanie

    Wow, I would have never thought of that before. I’ve never used a pressure cooker, but this recipe sounds great and I think I will be giving it a shot with the boiled potatoes option. For some reason none of my children like mashed potatoes (which I didn’t know was possible) but my husband and I love them.

  15. Eli

    This recipe has all my beloved ingredients in it, Angi: potatoes, garlic, chives… can it get any better? As long as it can make its way straight onto my plate! Thanks for sharing and making me fantasize about dinner 🙂

  16. Tracy

    That’s a lot of garlic! It’s funny how old things are coming back around – the pressure cooker is definitely gaining some traction. I’ve looked into it but haven’t yet taken the plunge. When I do, these potatoes will definitely be on the must-try list!

  17. Alan

    This might be one of the better reading mashed potato recipes I’ve ever seen, thank you for sharing that.

    So question though! I do not have a pressure cooker but we have been talking about it for a while. I’m assuming they are safe? Just makes me nervous haha (I’m a worry wort!)

    But for the time being, do you have any recommendations on how to maybe make this without a pressure cooker? If not, I totally understand 🙂

    • Angi

      Our pressure cooker is electric and pretty much set it and forget it. Releasing the pressure also releases hot steam from the pressure valve. Steam, obviously, can burn but if you use a pair of tongs as recommended in the instructions, you’ll be safe.

      Alternatively, you can boil the potatoes in a large pot of water omitting the vinegar in step 1. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can use a potato masher or fork to smash the potatoes.

      • Alan

        Awesome thank you for replying!

        So I really don’t much about cooking but the vinegar, how come that is used in the pressure cooker but not regularly? I’m really like the idea of having a pressure cooker, I’ve seen a few good recipes now that call for one.

        • Angi

          I’m actually not sure why the pressure cooker calls for vinegar. I’ve never added vinegar when boiling potatoes but I did some searching. It seems that vinegar prevents overcooking according to this article by The Food Lab. Now we’ve both learned something.

  18. Debi Randol

    I have always been curious about pressure cookers but have never tried one. You have convinced me I need to add one to my list! The recipe looks great thanks for sharing!

  19. Jennifer S.

    I’m not a fan of garlic mashed potatoes, but I know my husband would enjoy them. I don’t have a pressure cooker, but I’ve thought about it. Even more, I’ve seriously considered getting a pressure canner.

  20. Tori

    Angi, thank you for the recipe! We just got a pressure cooker for Christmas and absolutely LOVE it! I can’t wait to try this recipe. We are huge potato eaters around here.

  21. Elaine

    Hi Angi, I know you didn’t start out to talk about your pressure cooker, but your enthusiasm for yours has me wanting to check them out. My mom used her pressure cooker often, yet I’ve never even owned one! The potatoes look yummy. Forty cloves of garlic??? What’s not to love!

  22. Jennifer

    Wow, this sounds delicious – garlic and potatoes are two of my favorite things! I don’t have a pressure cooker, but your intro – which I know you didn’t mean to start out about how wonderful the pressure cooker is – but anyway, it really intrigued me. For now I’ll have to try the recipe the old fashioned boiling way, but I think I have a new thing to ask for for Christmas (unless I just up and buy it for myself before then!)

    • Angi

      This is the first time I’ve owned or used a pressure cooker so I’m constantly amazed at all the things it can do. It can even make desserts although I haven’t ventured into that just yet.

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