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We homeschool, work from home and are night owls.

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Always Learning

We are always learning, even as adults. A new cooking method. A new way to communicate. Or something even more complicated, like Javascript.

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Random Ramblings

Every once in a while we get so busy with life that we’re a little behind with blogging. When that happens, Random Ramblings happen to just dump everything in my head. So here goes…...

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13 Treasured Moments Of 2012

We’ve had so many treasured moments this year so we narrowed it down to these thirteen. Mumfection, Home Maid Simple, and our blog started Think About It! Thursdays. Sadly it didn’t take on and...

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Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Christmas will arrive at our home shortly so while we’re busy celebrating, I found one of my favorite short movies to share with you. The orphans at a small orphanage wake to find their...

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Starlet’s Big Day And Other Updates

Starlet went to the animal shelter the day before Halloween to be spayed and have a microchip implanted. We dropped her off in the wee hours of the morning and picked her up late...

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2012 Word Of The Year

Last year we picked health for our word of the year. We ate out less. We made food from scratch. We used local ingredients with some coming directly from our own landlords farm. We...