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Those sometimes not so funny moments when you know you’re a mom. Originally a meme but evolved to include any mommy moment.

Mommy Moments – Blue 2

Mommy Moments – Blue

This mommy moment is dedicated to Little T and his favorite color blue. Last week’s mommy moment was all about Drama King so make sure you check it out. Little T was diagnosed with...

Mommy Moments – Red 11

Mommy Moments – Red

Drama King’s favorite color is red so this post is dedicated to the wonderful ball of drama that is Drama King. Drama King got his nickname from how he reacts when things go wrong....

Mommy Moments – Yellow 7

Mommy Moments – Yellow

I’ve had a hard time with today’s theme – Yellow. It’s just not a color that we seem to buy anymore. But after some searching I found these wonderful gems. This was Little T’s...

Mommy Moments – Shoes 4

Mommy Moments – Shoes

Shoes how I loathe you. I have never been one for shoes. As a kid, I only wore shoes when absolutely necessary. I checked the mail barefoot, ran around the yard barefoot, and never...

Mommy Moments – Moving Up Day 1

Mommy Moments – Moving Up Day

Sometimes small achievements can be the biggest achievements of all. In our case, Little T’s sleep issues were causing chaos in other parts of our lives. We are proud to say that we have...