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Moms supporting moms in business and making an impact. You can support our blog when you shop MomPact by using our dedicated link.

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MomPact’s “Meet the Moms” Giveaway

Mompact.com is hosting an amazing giveaway of products made by Moms, for Moms that help promote independence and make growing up just a little bit easier! The products are AqueDuck, Baby Dipper Bowl, 3R...

Tired Of Water Dripping Down Your Elbows When Washing Your Face? 0

Tired Of Water Dripping Down Your Elbows When Washing Your Face?


Or when your washing dishes? Bathing your pets? Then we found the perfect answer to these troubles. That’s right, no more wet elbows! I’ve been using On the Cuff daily for weeks now with...

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Strap Tamers


We – well all of us who wear bras anyhow – have suffered from an exposed bra strap. We struggle to push the strap under our shirt and sometimes we just give up all...

Toy Bungee Review & {Rafflecopter} Giveaway 23

Toy Bungee Review & {Rafflecopter} Giveaway


A modern approach to keeping kids germ-free, the Toy Bungee is a non-toxic baby/toddler resistant strap designed to keep toys, bottles and sippy cups from falling to the floor. The unique button design prevents...

QuickZip Twin Sheets Review 3

QuickZip Twin Sheets Review


The innovative two-piece QuickZip Twin Sheet Set is designed to be simple, safe and stylish. The zipper sheet (top) zips off the base for easy changing. No more mattress wrestling. And since we preshrink...

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Mompact BONUS Giveaways!

To celebrate the launch of Mompact, 120 bloggers are hosting giveaways of products invented by Moms. These products include baby gear, gift items, solutions to day-to-day problems, and lots of fun, “why didn’t I...

Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Phone Huggie by Phoneflyz

Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Phone Huggie by Phoneflyz


Winners have been announced!If you think you won and haven’t received an email from the blog owner, please contact them! Our winner has confirmed her prize. Welcome to The MomPact Blog Hop where we’ll...

MomPact Blog Hop Next Week 0

MomPact Blog Hop Next Week

Next week we’ll be participating with over 100 other blogs to share mom invented products with our readers. This event, running September 12th-17th, is going to be huge and you don’t want to miss...