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Wrestling is a form of combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. Our boys love wrestling from watching it on TV to being part of their wrestling team.

New Year's Eve 0

13 Treasured Moments Of 2012

We’ve had so many treasured moments this year so we narrowed it down to these thirteen. Mumfection, Home Maid Simple, and our blog started Think About It! Thursdays. Sadly it didn’t take on and...

WWE event 2

WWE Supershow

Sunday night, we went to see a local WWE event.  It was originally sheduled as a RAW house show but changed to a Supershow when the Smackdown event was cancelled due to weather issues....

Thanks Penguin Group! 0

Thanks Penguin Group!

Earlier this month, Little T received a package for winning a WWE reading contest that contained a damaged autographed poster. Tim and I tweeted to the Penguin Group’s twitter account and sent an email...

Ringside Collectibles review & giveaway

Ringside Collectibles review & giveaway


Ringside Collectibles offers wrestling & UFC Figures, clothing, photos, autographs, and more. My Review Ringside has the largest collections of wrestling figures I have seen from any company. They have been around for ages...

Boys Like Dollhouses, Too!!! 3

Boys Like Dollhouses, Too!!!

After spending months trying to find a reasonably priced dollhouse that wasn’t covered in pink and frills, we broke down and just bought one. It is three stories high, came with a handful of...

Share The Joy Of Reading 0

Share The Joy Of Reading

It’s no secret that our family loves to read. We have four 3 shelf bookcases jam packed with books; two for the boys and two for our books. And that doesn’t include the two...

WrestleMania 26 0

WrestleMania 26

Tonight we’ll be watching WrestleMania 26. This will be the boys first wrestling pay per view and they are very excited. Earlier today, we asked each of the boys who they wanted to win...