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2012 Word Of The Year

Last year we picked health for our word of the year. We ate out less. We made food from scratch. We used local ingredients with some coming directly from our own landlords farm. We attempted to grow our own food. We have become accustom to the slow moving country life.

And while health is still something we will continue to work toward our entire life, I thought we’d pick a new word this year. After thinking about things that we have in store this year, I choose…


ex┬Ěpand [ik-?spand] -verb
transitive verb
1: to open up : unfold
2: to increase the extent, number, volume, or scope of : enlarge
3a: to express at length or in greater detail
b : to write out in full
c : to subject to mathematical expansion

intransitive verb
1: to open out : spread
2: to increase in extent, number, volume, or scope
3: to speak or write fully or in detail
4: to feel generous or optimistic

Since we’re eating healthier, we probably won’t be expanding out waistlines. But we will focus on expanding our blog, expanding our experiences, expanding our knowledge and expanding our world.

So, what is your word of the year? Or if you make resolutions, what ones did you make this year?

By Angelia Embler

Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, answers @Yoast support, and loves to ramble. Find her curled up with a book or watching her favorite TV shows, movies, or American football game. ?

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