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Five Bands You Should Hear

Its summertime which is a perfect time of year to discover new bands. Here are five bands that you may not have heard of but should give a listen to. Waterparks is a very...

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5 Binge Worthy TV Shows

Maybe you love a show that had a spin-off. Maybe you like a certain genre. But, somehow you just missed watching the show and now are a season or more behind. Sounds like it’s time for a self-proclaimed binge marathon.

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Super Bowl 50 Is Headed Our Way

This Sunday, we’ll be anchored to our couch watching the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50. I’m torn as to who I’ll be rooting for because both teams are...

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Football Is Back!


We’ve spent eight months waiting for the return of our favorite sport. That’s right, football is back! Who’s your favorite team?

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Football Is Back—Well Almost

Preseason football is here. We have already caught a few games and some of the rookies this year look great. This should be a fantastic season.


Target Goes Gender Neutral

I never thought I would see this day coming but Target announced they are going to go gender neutral for most departments and aisles within the store. The only thing left that will be...