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We are homeschoolers who lean towards unschooling. Our boys are avid gamers who enjoy getting out to enjoy life before they have to be burdened with the woes of adulthood.

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Do Homeschool Kids Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Homeschoolers may not have a classroom filled with kids but they still celebrate Valentine’s day with a little twist. Some of our local groups get together for a Valentine’s Day exchange party at a local park but our preferred method is the international Valentine’s Day exchange.

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Always Learning

We are always learning, even as adults. A new cooking method. A new way to communicate. Or something even more complicated, like Javascript.


Mandatory Flunking?

Should Mandatory Flunking be an answer to a problem with getting kids to read? The governor of New Mexico thinks so. She is proposing to flunk third graders that are not able to score...


School Cutbacks Get To A New Level

As some of you may know we recently moved up North to Albuquerque last year from Southern New Mexico(Las Cruces area). The Las Cruces Public School system implemented some major cost cutting measures which will...

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Teaching A Second Language When You Don’t Speak One


As parents, we’ve all heard how important a second language is for our children but we struggle to teach them one especially if we don’t know a second language ourselves. Tim and I were both fortunate to grow up surrounded by those who spoke a second language. We naturally picked up Spanish but aren’t fluent. We could probably get by if we found ourselves stuck in a Spanish speaking country but our boys wouldn’t. So we were determined to teach our boys Spanish as it’s almost a necessity around here in New Mexico.

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How To Teach Emotions To Young Children


Have you ever tried to explain feelings to a child? Me, too. That’s why I was thrilled to try Emotional ABC’s with our dramatic child, Drama King. His nickname fits his personality to a...