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Kmart Nixes Layaway Service Fee In Time For Holiday Season

Advice from a previous layaway worker: Be nice to the people behind the layaway counter. Take advantage of Kmart’s no service fee layaway for the holiday season before the crowds hit next month!

Is It That Time Already?

Christmas is creeping around the corner; 100 days give or take from today. We buy all year for holiday gifts for the boys and stock them in our closet. However, there is always that one big gift that we price stalk until it hits the right price for us. However, I was worried about a month ago that this years big gift would go gonga deal because we had an unplanned required expense. Thankfully if that gonga deal happened at Kmart, we would have the opportunity to use layaway.

Kmart layaway and I have a long history starting with my own toys being trapped to working the layaway desk as a teenager to utilizing it for my own children. I’ve been on both ends of the layaway desk and trust me when I say this; Be nice to the people behind the desk. Layaway desk was the hardest job I ever held with all the up and down emotions, misplaced boxes, heart stopping slips of TVs down conveyor belts, and the chronic layaway abusers-you know the ones that take out partial layaways (when they allowed that) or return layaway items only to put them on layaway again an hour later.

Imagine all the items you can put on a free layaway! Clothes, shoes, movies, toys, electronics. Maybe a hopefully discounted WII as the new WII U comes out in November? Or that piece of furniture to finally finish the playroom? Plus with every layaway, you can win prizes with Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway. But you ask why choose Kmart over the other retailers that offer layaway? They offer the best as you can see in the comparison chart below.

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Kmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

By Angelia Embler

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