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Mommy Moments – Moving Up Day

Sometimes small achievements can be the biggest achievements of all. In our case, Little T’s sleep issues were causing chaos in other parts of our lives. We are proud to say that we have resolved the sleep issues and are beginning to get back to normalcy.

Little T has has sleep issues since birth. Some days, he would sleep for 12-14 hours and some days he’d sleep for 4-5 hours. This, obviously, was causing Tim and I do share the responsibility of being up with Little T when he had one of the short episode and it would cause us to be tired and stressed.

We have tried a variety of solutions like bedtime routines, baths with sleepy scents, quiet time, watching TV, listening to the radio, and a few herbal sleep remedies and none have worked for more than a few days.

That is until we stumbled upon Sleep Assure. We have been faithfully using Sleep Assure for almost a month and have a perfect record of regular sleep nights. We have also been able to maintain a bedtime routine and it has helped Drama King be able to sleep in their bedroom all night, almost every night. Prior to trying Sleep Assure, Drama King had trouble sleeping because Little T would wake him up directly or indirectly.

Along with getting sleep under control, we also moved the boys clothes from our closet to their own closet. Now, they can get themselves ready for the day or night at their own pace and in their own time. The first few days Drama King went through half his wardrobe showing us how he could get dressed but he’s gotten into a routine. He wakes up, goes potty, gets dressed and then comes to find us. Occasionally, he decides to lounge all day in his jammies but who wouldn’t? Little T spends most of his day in an over sized shirt and underwear which doubles as jammies.

Now that we have a sleep schedule under control, we’re working on getting the correct timing so that we get up at a decent hour but not too early because we’re not exactly a morning family.

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By Angelia Embler

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