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Monday Mingle – Our Busy Weekend

Saturday, Tim and I reorganized our coupon dividers and we’re contemplating moving to a binder system. It’s getting rough to flip through 20-30 coupons to find the one coupon we know is in the divider. We have three 13 slot file containers, two dedicated to grocery items and one dedicated to non-grocery items. On top of that, I have a binder where I’ve been putting the full page coupons or larger saving sheets. If you’re a coupon person, what type of system do you use?

Today, we’ve played catch up on random things. We watched the final three episodes of “FlashForward”. I was sad to hear that it wasn’t picked up for a second season because I thought it was a great show. And while I enjoy “V” just as much, I hate to see such an interesting show be dropped to a remake of a show.

I’ve also been working on a few reviews for you guys. I have a SafetyTats and GlueDots review that I’m working on now. Do you have any questions or concerns about either of these products that you’d like me to answer?

And I’m searching for Blogmania sponsors so if you are interested in offering an item or gift card in exchange for advertising on our site and through our twitter accounts, please contact us.

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