NFL Teams We Love To Hate

Which NFL teams are the most hated? This infographic provides a clear view of which states despise which teams! You’ll be surprised by the results.

With football season now in full swing, rivalries are starting to pop up everywhere. Instead of showing some love for our favorite teams, lets take a look at the NFL teams we love to hate.

Most Hated NFL Teams By State
Image by kmhokies35 via imgur & reddit

kmhokies35 from Reddit conducted a survey and published the results as a graphic that really drives home the disdain for some of the most recognizable NFL teams.

Texas doesn’t like the Eagles. The pacific northwest despises the Niners while the west coast dislikes the Seahawks. Are there any surprises on the map? Not from the interactions we’ve had with other NFL fans.

But what about world-wide? Don’t fret, as kmhokies35 also created a world-wide map of the most hated teams.

Most Hated NFL Teams By Continent
Image by kmhokies35 via imgur & reddit

What is your favorite team to hate?

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