Phone Huggie by Phoneflyz

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Phone Huggie by Phoneflyz

Have you ever wondered how you’re going to carry your phone with you without having to lug around a purse? Phoneflyz has the solution, Phone Huggie. It’s unique design fits any portable phone device and, ensures you’ll never be without it. On top of that, it’s a great protector & provides cushion in those “ooops, I dropped my phone” moments!

Stylish enough to wear on tank tops, athletic wear & bathing suits, yet functional on your bra-strap underneath your business attire, DRAGONFLY Phone Huggie by Phoneflyz allows you to be hands-free, so you can live, work, play and FLY!

I received a Phone Huggie in the 3 color choices available. Tim was assigned the blue one, Grandma Deb got the green one, and I took the pink one.

First Appearance: The packaging is well laid out and enticing even for me. I was a little sad when I opened mine and it had a minor snag where the stitching holds the elastic for the phone. The other two did not have any snags. Excluding the minor snag, the product is well put together and will have a long useful life in any busy person’s hands. Or rather on their straps.

Company Response to the minor problem

I appreciate your attention to the thread-loose on one of the Huggies, and you’re right, this is not the ‘norm’.  Out of all the orders I’ve fulfilled, I have not noticed this issue; and now I’ll pay closer attention.  In the meantime, should a customer receive a PhoneHuggie with loose threads, etc., I’ll gladly send them a free PhoneHuggie to replace (and will not require them to return the damaged one)—I do want 100% customer satisfaction!

Customer Service: I have no doubt that Phoneflyz would do everything reasonable to make sure their customers are satisfied with the product.

Snug Fit: I did notice that I had trouble getting our HTC phones to fit in the pouch because we have a silicone sleeve for our phones to help us keep a grip on the phone while using it. If you remove the silicone sleeve, our phones fit inside the Phone Huggie and can be taken out and put back in with a little effort, even while wearing the Phone Huggie. Grandma Deb’s phone was a tad on the small side so it slipped out of the pocket easier than larger phones which left her concerned that it would slip out on its own if attached to a purse or backpack that regularly gets bumped.

Price: The price tag is a little steep for my occasional use as I don’t have a bra strap available to me on most days. That’s right! I hate bras and only wear them when I go into town. However if you would use it regularly, the Phone Huggie is reasonably priced at $16.99 each. I can actually picture people I know using this product because it does solve the problem of keeping your phone close enough to use without lugging around unnecessary bulk.

Overall: I would say that the product is a perfect fit for a specific market of users. And I’ve used mine a few times and have been impressed with the product. Given that we couldn’t get it to fit through a belt loop, it would be hard to market towards guys. And for women who wear strapless bras. Or no bra

Where To Buy

You can order your own Phone Huggie in blue, pink or green from their website.

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Disclosure: This post brought to you by MomPact and Phoneflyz. Our family received product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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