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SafetyTat – Temporary Safety Tattoos

The Original SafetyTats are similar to other temporary tattoos. The one we choose was the Non-verbal Tat with our phone number specifically for Little T.

I was thrilled when I saw the Non-verbal Tat because being non-verbal is often a left out condition with medical safety items. The tattoo went on as easily as other temporary tattoos we have used in the past. The only thing I noticed is that the tattoo seems to fade and crack faster than other temporary tattoos we’ve used. Little T loved the tattoo and showed it to everyone during his first swim lesson. At less than three quarters a tattoo, you will have peace of mind while your kids, verbal or not, are out and about.

The Quick Stick Write-On! is an ultra-durable skin safe applique “tattoo” waterproof sticker and you use the included waterproof tattoo marking pen to add your phone number or other details. These definitely look more durable than the Original SafetyTat and last much longer. The biggest draw back we discovered is the writing process. Little T rarely sits still and I had a lot of trouble writing our phone number on his arm. On the other arm hand, Drama King was perfectly still while I wrote our phone number. At a little over $1 for each “tattoo” sticker, they are well worth the investment for longer term trips such as vacations, weekend at Grandmas, or the likes. Although, I’d be willing to pay a tad bit more per tattoo if they were reusable. When my back was hurting, I used a TENS unit which has pads that you stick to your skin and they were reusable. If it was reasonably affordable to use that same adhesive to create these Quick Stick “tattoos”, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them for my boys and as gifts.

About SafetyTat

A little bit more about SafetyTat directly from their site…

It can happen anywhere—at an amusement park, zoo, school field trip, or even your local shopping mall. Your attention shifts for a moment, and suddenly your child or loved one has wandered out of sight.

So put the odds in your favor for a safe return, with SafetyTat. Invented by a Baltimore Mom of three kids, SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary safety child ID tattoo that’s uniquely offered either customized with your mobile phone number or blank so you can write in your cell phone number on them. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of child identification that stays in place even when wet!

SafetyTat—it’s the perfect way to show how much you care, just in case. It’s The Tat That Brings Kids Back!®

SafetyTat safety tattoos are great child id for: Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Shopping Malls, Airports, Fairs, Festivals, Traveling, Museums, Zoos, Stadiums, Playgrounds, Site Seeing, Field Trips, Drop-off Birthday Parties and Play Dates, First Day of School, Scout Trips, Medical, Health and Allergy Alerts…anywhere you have kids in crowds.

Where To Buy

You can purchase from the online store at SafetyTat and from a variety of retail stores. And you will have a chance to win some by coming back to our site and entering to win during Blogmania. I think it’s fantastic that you can even customize the tattoo to meet your own child’s personality. This is very important to Drama King as he usually wants something that is only available in pink.

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