School Cutbacks Get To A New Level

As some of you may know we recently moved up North to Albuquerque last year from Southern New Mexico(Las Cruces area).

The Las Cruces Public School system implemented some major cost cutting measures which will not only hurt students but also employees. They are going to be furloughing all employees three days per year. ALL EMPLOYEES. Yes teachers and administrators are included in this. They are also getting rid of an alternative middle school. The Mesilla Valley Alternative Middle School closing is going to really hurt the area. Those students now will be forced to mainstream into regular classrooms. The kids that attend Mesilla Valley Alternative Middle School are under or over achievers that are not productive in a regular classroom. They can be too advanced and get bored, have a learning disability, social problems, or just need more attention.

Should we be cutting school expenses at the expense of the neediest students?

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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