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Settling In

As you heard, we have arrived. We are beginning to settle into our new home after a somewhat frustrating start. We had a few problems getting all of our stuff to the new house and some problems with the van but we are here now.

It started out with a headlight out on the van and ended with having to make a few trips back to collect the rest of the stuff. We rented a 36 foot Penske truck and Tim had to make a second trip with the truck. When he went back for the second trip, he also picked up Rob to help with the unpacking.

Once we got on the road, the move was smooth. Drama King and I took Cierra in our van while Little T and Grandma Deb took Elmo in her car. We made a few stops to stretch our legs and walk the dogs. We stayed in a hotel the first evening although it was already morning by the time we got to the hotel. We picked up the keys and did the walk through of the house. It was just as wonderful as I recalled.

Of course the photos were taken before we unloaded much from the first truck load. The boys have had a ton of fun playing in the truck which brought back found memories of my childhood. Papa ran a gas station and he was a U-Haul dealer. I remember playing in the back of trucks in the afternoon and sitting in them to keep warm in the early morning while waiting for the school bus.

I’m off to do some more unpacking and putting stuff away. We should be back to blogging soon.

By Angelia Embler

Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, answers @Yoast support, and loves to ramble. Find her curled up with a book or watching her favorite TV shows, movies, or American football game. ?

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What a beautiful new home you have.
My wish for you is for you and your family to make memories filled with love and laughter to last a lifetime.

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