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Star Kids Snack and Play Travel tray is a lap tray designed to fit around a child sitting in a car seat. I was concerned of the car seat aspect of this tray because our van has built in car seats which means no hard sides like a typical car seat for the sides of the tray to rest on. However that was put out of mind once I opened the tray. The tray bottom is sturdy enough to use without the need of the car seat arms.

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The way it straps around the child or carseat shows that Star Kids really thought about the parent and child when coming up with the travel tray. It uses a simple adjustable buckle system but the great thing is that the buckles are on both sides. This means you can use the tray on either side of the vehicle and be able to slip the tray to the side to allow easy access for the child to get in and out with or without assistance.

And the mesh pockets on each side make it easy to keep track of the boys stuff. The pocket is divided into a small and large size on each side. The small pocket is perfect for bottles, sippy cups and most of the reusable drink containers we own. It is also perfect size for storing the boys PSPs in their carrying case. The large pocket can hold a handful of toys or a coloring book and crayons. Enough to keep a child happy on quick trips into town or long trips cross country.

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The only thing that seems to cause some minor issues is the wall around the tray. It does a great job of keeping things from slipping to the floor or side but the wall doesn’t extended around the corners that are flush with your child. This can cause items to roll towards them and fall into their laps. We found that out when Drama King was munching on some fries and had a little cup of BBQ sauce for dipping. When Tim stopped at a red light, the cup slipped towards Drama King and boy did he raise a fuss. From then on, he reminds Tim to tell him when he going to stop so he can secure everything from falling.

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