10 Gifts for the LEGO Fanatic in Your Life

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If your house is anything like ours, you probably have at least once child that can spend hours upon hours building, taking apart and rebuilding LEGO creations. Drama has made his fair share of creations and has recently ventured into the large building sets. It only takes a quick stroll down the LEGO aisle at any store to realize that the large sets also come with a pretty hefty price tag due to the sheer number of standard and custom bricks to assemble the amazing scenes. Thankfully, Groupon Coupons can help you save money at the LEGO shop.

When I mentioned the wonderful Groupon deals, Drama jumped at the chance to put together a list of ten LEGO items. He always starts with a brick separator and base plates because they are inexpensive and you can never have enough of them. As he added items, he discovered a new set is coming in September, the Old Fishing Store with 2 removable roofs, a back wall that opens for easy access, 4 minifigures, a cat and 3 seagull figures. I can bet that will be at the top of his Christmas this year.

Drama assembling the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Drama’s Top Lego Picks

  1. Brick Separator
  2. THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Arkham Asylum
  4. Mr. Freeze™ Ice Attack
  5. Base Plates
  6. Old Fishing Store
  7. Volcano Exploration Base
  8. Fire Response Unit
  9. Police Patrol Boat
  10. Green Ninja Mech Dragon

By Angelia Embler

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