Are You Ready For Football Preseason?

It’s that time again. NFL training camps are in full swing and this Sunday we’ll kick off the football preseason games with the NFL Hall of Fame Game—Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins.

This should be an easy win for the Cowboys. Maybe if they have a good preseason they will end up having a decent season this year. Who knows maybe Romo won’t choke and they will make it to the play-offs.

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Football Preseason

All times below are Eastern Time.

Sunday, August 4
NFL/Hall of Fame Game, Canton, OH:
Dallas vs. Miami
NBC (8:00 PM)

Thursday, August 8
Cincinnati at Atlanta
ESPN (8:00 PM)

Thursday, August 15
San Diego at Chicago
ESPN (8:00 PM)

Friday, August 16
Tampa Bay at New England
FOX (8:00 PM)

Sunday, August 18
Indianapolis at NY Giants
FOX (8:00 PM)

Monday, August 19
Pittsburgh at Washington
ESPN (8:00 PM)

Thursday, August 22
Carolina at Baltimore
ESPN (8:00 PM)

Friday, August 23
Seattle at Green Bay
CBS (8:00 PM)

Saturday, August 24
St. Louis at Denver
CBS (8:00 PM)

Sunday, August 25
New Orleans at Houston
FOX (4:00 PM)

Sunday, August 25
Minnesota at San Francisco
NBC (8:00 PM)

Who’s your favorite football team?

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