Amelita by Court Yard Hounds

Amelita was the first time we heard anything from Court Yard Hounds. It was a disappointment. Court Yard Hounds was founded by Martie Maguire and Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks. We both liked some of Dixie Chicks work so was expecting at least a few good songs but it was a snore fest. Not a single solid song.

Court Yard Hounds


12 songs, 45 min 24 sec

This almost seems rushed together as a few songs had an identical beat and some very similar chords. Neither one of them can really tackle being the lead on vocals. They really do need Natalie Maines for that it seems.

Speaking of Natalie the little bit I have heard of her new album ‘Mother’ is not too bad at all. A bunch of covers are on it in additional to some original material, but it is much better than by Court Yard Hounds.

Performing ‘Amelita’ at Billboard

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By Angelia Embler

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