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Reading Reflex: Week Four

Last week Drama King had become overwhelmed so we took a break from the Reading Reflex. We had heard about BOB books and found the first set on eBay at a reasonable price so...

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Reading Reflex: Week Three

Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness has a seriously different approach to reading and while at first it seemed too strange, I am slowly falling in love with this method. It’s helping Little...

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Reading Reflex: Week Two

Last week we introduced you to Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness and shared our tough first week. Since we had so many things planned and the boys were having trouble sleeping, we...

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Reading Reflex: Introduction, Prep & Week One

After Drama King’s dyslexia diagnosis, we researched methods and ultimately selected Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness because the authors studied the various methods for teaching children to read and combined the best...

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Back To School Means New Shoes

It’s that time of year again for new pencils, crayons, backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes and the most important purchase for the new school year—shoes. A great pair of shoes can last all year or at least until the next growth spurt but the high quality shoes can be so expensive. Thankfully, Famous Footwear is running a fantastic back-to-school promotion this year to help students get a jump on their competition.

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Swimming Without A Life Vest

This summer we thought we’d buy an above ground pool but given the fencing requirements decided against it. We figured we’d just take advantage of the new year round indoor pool in town. Saturday...

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Speech Therapy For Drama King

Drama King had another speech evaluation last week and his first real speech therapy session earlier this week. It appears he makes certain sounds with his throat and nose, sounds that you shouldn’t make...

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Gimme Five or The Unscheduled Blog Break

Lots of things have been going on behind the scenes here at the homestead between summer reading programs, free movies at our local theater, year end school assessments, and finally getting the settlement check for the accident lawsuit that resulted in my spinal fusion.