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Reading Kingdom is an online program for children teaching reading skills include sequencing, motor skills, phonics (phonemic awareness), meaning, grammar and reading comprehension. Check out this short video starring the infamous, Cindy Crawford.

Drama King is an 8 year old dyslexic that struggles drastically with reading. We have tried multiple approaches with him with little improvement and a lot of fighting and tears. Reading Kingdom has been different from the first day. Drama King boasts, “I’m doing these session so fast.” The only struggle we’ve faced has been time management because Drama King is away from home at a summer program for most of the day and just wants to relax when he gets home. We’ve worked around this by having him do extra sessions on the weekend and only a couple sessions during the week.

Reading Kingdom

As Drama King progressed through the program, he noticed a couple things that really bothered him. First, we had trouble getting our keyboard to work with the program so we had to use the on-screen keyboard. This didn’t really cause much of an issue but he’s certainly slower when it comes to clicking verses typing.

The other issue was our biggest problem all together: the font. The chosen font is not ideal for distinguishing between similar letters like I (uppercase i) and l (lowercase L). I would suggest using a font where the characters are unique to aid quicker learning for children. I would recommend using OpenDyslexic due to it’s ease of reading for dyslexics. As Drama King progressed through the program, he noticed that the letters in the game didn’t match the letters in the on screen keyboard. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but it distracted Drama King enough that he complained about it not matching.

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Disclosure: This post brought to you by Reading Kingdom. All opinions are 100% mine.

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