How To Teach Emotions To Young Children

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Have you ever tried to explain feelings to a child? Me, too. That’s why I was thrilled to try Emotional ABC’s with our dramatic child, Drama King. His nickname fits his personality to a T. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and has always struggled with working through the tough emotions so I thought this would be a perfect jumping off point to further teach emotions to him. The two of us sat down, watched the video, talked about what he learned and then played about a bazillion Go Moody games.

Drama King suggests breaking the video up into smaller segments so kids can talk about and practice what they just learned. I love that the program doesn’t talk down to kids about their feelings and even compares feelings to the weather. And it gives three easy to remember techniques to help children identify what they are feeling, why they are feeling this way, and what is the best reaction given the situation. The accompanying CD, workbooks, stickers, magnet, and Go Moody game are invaluable for kids to master feelings.

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By Angelia Embler

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