Common Myths About Writing on Mobile Devices

With the evolution of technology, writers have slowly shifted their choice of tools from the traditional pen and paper to the 21st century mobile tablets. As mobile devices become powerful in processing data, novice and professional writers have considered these gadgets as their on-the-go writing companion. However, critics have their own thoughts regarding its potential as an alternative to PC and laptop. Below, we’ll feature the common myths about smartphone and tablet usage as a writing tool.

Virtual keyboard is not ideal for writers

Tablets and other touch devices only use a digital or screen keyboard, which may cause issues for those who are used to typing with a physical one. However, a study by Brady Cline revealed that “students were slightly faster on a virtual keyboard than on a computer or iPad with keyboard.” Since the new breed of writers was born along with this equipment, they are practically aware of how to utilize it to its full potential as a writing tool. Apart from the virtual keyboard, there is also a stylus available on the market that will suit those who still prefer to write using a pen.

How to write without the MS Word?

Since the popular Microsoft Word Processor is commonly available on PCs, many believe that without the software on their devices, they won’t be able to write materials efficiently. What if inspiration strikes while you’re outside and you only have your tablet with you?

A phrase on the page of HTC One on O2 inspired us: “life doesn’t stand still.” Waiting to get to a computer in order to write your piece takes time and often, the idea will be gone and you’re left with a blank page on the screen. For those who are using Windows 8-powered devices, there is a built-in Office Suite app where you can work. But for other platforms, apps like Evernote allows you to jot down ideas or even whole sentences while they are still fresh and easy to remember.

Good device is equal to greater output

The whole process of writing is dependent on a number of factors: creativity, formulation of idea, the usage of terms, creation of effective sentences, post writing and editing. Unlike the popular belief, the device has nothing to do with the creative thinking. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a pen and a paper, a computer or a mobile device; the method is still the same: ideas>organizing thoughts>outlining>making a draft>editing/proofreading>final piece. The ideas must flow smoothly as how it should be, and it’s not dependent on any device or item where you’ll put it. Perhaps, researching for the idea will be more effective on the mobile devices, considering its ability to connect through the internet and search for references faster.

Essays are better written on the large computer

Since essays or novels are long, we least thought of tablets as an alternative tool in writing our extensive sentences and paragraphs. However, it takes a smart user to notice that this nifty device can actually help a writer in formulating an effective written output. Since tablets and smartphones have almost the same functions as the laptops and PCs, it offers us the ability to use various forms of presenting our ideas to our readers.

Instead of bare texts, you can include photos about your content. Some even use electronic comic books in expressing their thoughts, which so far has garnered a huge following due to Comic companies’ decision to move to digital platforms.

The Verdict

There’s no other word that would best close this argument than – DEBUNKED. Certainly, a full keyboard, a bigger screen and a mouse offer more flexibility in typing and editing. However, these tools do not change a person’s ability to think critically and creatively. A solid process and an open-mind are the best equipment a writer can have in his arsenal to create an effective and successful masterpiece.

Guest Author: Allie Cooper

Allie Cooper is a tech enthusiast who dreams of becoming a primary grade school teacher. She loves writing about TechEd resources using smartphones tablets and other mobile devices as well as social media updates and trending apps fit for learning. Her free time is taken up exploring her passion for playing piano and old films.

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