Football Season Is Back

Today marks the start of football season. Well sort of the start of pre season football. One more month until regular season starts on September 5th when the Bears take on the Packers while pre season games suck anything is better than no games.

Photo of Raiderettes and Junior Raiderettes on the field
BrokenSphere [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Raiderettes with Junior Raiderettes

Spring and Summer has lasted too long. It is finally almost autumn which brings us football.

The full regular season is below so you can make sure your schedule is clear for when your favorite team plays or for any memorable games you just cant miss like the Bears and Raiders in London.

2019 NFL Complete Schedule

Never miss a game by adding the schedules to your calendar.

September 5, 2019
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (Thu)#7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
September 8, 2019
Los Angeles Rams at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers1:05p (PT)4:05pCBS
Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks1:05p (PT)4:05pCBS
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals1:25p (MST)4:25pFOX
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys3:25p (CT)4:25pFOX
San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25p (ET)4:25pFOX
Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
September 9, 2019
Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints (Mon)6:10p (CT)7:10pESPN
Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (Mon)7:20p (PT)10:20pESPN
September 12, 2019
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (Thu)8:20p (ET)8:20pNFLN
September 15, 2019
Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Buffalo Bills at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders1:05p (PT)4:05pCBS
Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pFOX
New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
September 16, 2019
Cleveland Browns at New York Jets (Mon)#8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
September 19, 2019
Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars (Thu)8:20p (ET)8:20pNFLN
September 22, 2019
Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys#12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
New York Jets at New England Patriots1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals1:05p (MST)4:05pFOX
New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:05p (ET)4:05pFOX
Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
September 23, 2019
Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
September 26, 2019
Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers (Thu)7:20p (CT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
September 29, 2019
Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Los Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins#1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Washington Redskins at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals1:05p (MST)4:05pFOX
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears3:25p (CT)4:25pCBS
Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pCBS
Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
September 30, 2019
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
October 3, 2019
Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (Thu)5:20p (PT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
October 6, 2019
Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (London)6:00p (BST)1:00pFOX
New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans#12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
New England Patriots at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers1:05p (PT)4:05pCBS
Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys3:25p (CT)4:25pFOX
Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
October 7, 2019
Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers (Mon)5:15p (PT)8:15pESPN
October 10, 2019
New York Giants at New England Patriots (Thu)#8:20p (ET)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
October 13, 2019
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (London)2:30p (BST)9:30aNFLN
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals1:05p (MST)4:05pFOX
San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pCBS
Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers5:20p (PT)8:20pNBC
October 14, 2019
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (Mon)7:15p (CT)8:15pESPN
October 17, 2019
Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos (Thu)6:20p (MT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
October 20, 2019
Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers#12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans3:05p (CT)4:05pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears3:25p (CT)4:25pFOX
Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
October 21, 2019
New England Patriots at New York Jets (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
October 24, 2019
Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings (Thu)7:20p (CT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
October 27, 2019
Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
New York Giants at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams (London)5:00p (BST)1:00pCBS
Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs#7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
October 28, 2019
Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
October 31, 2019
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (Thu)5:20p (MST)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
November 3, 2019
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)2:30p (BST)9:30aNFLN
Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Minnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs#12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pCBS
Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Chargers1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
November 4, 2019
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
November 7, 2019
Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders (Thu)5:20p (PT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
November 10, 2019
Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints#12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
New York Giants at New York Jets1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts4:05p (ET)4:05pCBS
Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers4:25p (ET)4:25pFOX
Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
November 11, 2019
Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers (Mon)5:15p (PT)8:15pESPN
November 14, 2019
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (Thu)8:20p (ET)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
November 17, 2019
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
New York Jets at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers1:05p (PT)4:05pFOX
Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles#4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams5:20p (PT)8:20pNBC
November 18, 2019
Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers (Mexico)7:15p (CT)8:15pESPN
November 21, 2019
Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans (Thu)7:20p (CT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
November 24, 2019
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New York Giants at Chicago Bears12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at New York Jets#1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans3:05p (ET)4:05pCBS
Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots4:25p (ET)4:25pFOX
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
November 25, 2019
Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams (Mon)5:15p (PT)8:15pESPN
November 28, 2019
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)12:30p (ET)12:30pFOX
Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving)3:30p (CT)4:30pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons (Thanksgiving)8:20p (ET)8:20pNBC
December 1, 2019
San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens#1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Green Bay Packers at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals2:05p (MST)4:05pFOX
Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pCBS
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
New England Patriots at Houston Texans7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
December 2, 2019
Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (Mon)5:15p (PT)8:15pESPN
December 5, 2019
Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears (Thu)7:20p (CT)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
December 8, 2019
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns#1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Denver Broncos at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars4:05p (ET)4:05pFOX
Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals2:25p (MST)4:25pCBS
Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots4:25p (ET)4:25pCBS
Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders1:25p (PT)4:25pCBS
Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams5:20p (PT)8:20pNBC
December 9, 2019
New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (Mon)8:15p (ET)8:15pESPN
December 12, 2019
New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens (Thu)8:20p (ET)8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon*
December 15, 2019
Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Miami Dolphins at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals2:05p (MST)4:05pCBS
Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders1:05p (PT)4:05pCBS
Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys3:25p (CT)4:25pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers5:20p (PT)8:20pNBC
December 16, 2019
Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints (Mon)#7:15p (CT)8:15pESPN
December 21, 2019
Network, Date (Saturday or Sunday) & Time TBD
Detroit Lions at Denver BroncosTBDTBDTBD
Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers#TBDTBDTBD
Buffalo Bills at New England PatriotsTBDTBDTBD
Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ersTBDTBDTBD
Houston Texans at Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBDTBDTBD
December 22, 2019
Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
New York Giants at Washington Redskins1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles4:25p (ET)4:25pFOX
Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears7:20p (CT)8:20pNBC
December 23, 2019
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (Mon)7:15p (CT)8:15pESPN
December 29, 2019
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs12:00p (CT)1:00pCBS
Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings12:00p (CT)1:00pFOX
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots1:00p (ET)1:00pCBS
Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00p (ET)1:00pFOX
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos2:25p (MT)4:25pCBS
Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams1:25p (PT)4:25pFOX
#NFL 100 Game of the Week (Week 17 TBD)
* NFL Network and Amazon simulcast subject to change
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

2019 NFL Team Schedule

(All times local by market of team, ex. BAL, ET; DEN, MT)
* Sunday night games in Weeks 5-16 subject to change; Week 17 game TBD
** NFL Network and Amazon simulcast subject to change

NFC East

09/08/20New York Giants03:25:00 PMFOX
09/15/20at Washington Redskins12:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20Miami Dolphins12:00:00 PMFOX
09/29/20at New Orleans Saints07:20:00 PMNBC
10/06/20Green Bay Packers03:25:00 PMFOX
10/13/20at New York Jets03:25:00 PMCBS
10/20/20Philadelphia Eagles*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/04/20at New York Giants (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
11/10/20Minnesota Vikings*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/17/20at Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at New England Patriots03:25:00 PMFOX
11/28/20Buffalo Bills (Thanksgiving)03:30:00 PMCBS
12/05/20at Chicago Bears (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/15/20Los Angeles Rams03:25:00 PMFOX
12/22/20at Philadelphia Eagles03:25:00 PMFOX
12/29/20Washington Redskins12:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
09/15/20at Atlanta Falcons08:20:00 PMNBC
09/22/20Detroit Lions01:00:00 PMFOX
09/26/20at Green Bay Packers (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/06/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20at Minnesota Vikings01:00:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at Dallas Cowboys*08:20:00 PMNBC
10/27/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20Chicago Bears01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20New England Patriots04:25:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Seattle Seahawks*08:20:00 PMNBC
12/01/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMFOX
12/09/20New York Giants (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
12/15/20at Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
12/22/20Dallas Cowboys04:25:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at New York Giants01:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20at Dallas Cowboys04:25:00 PMFOX
09/15/20Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers04:05:00 PMFOX
09/29/20Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
10/06/20Minnesota Vikings01:00:00 PMFOX
10/10/20at New England Patriots (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/20/20Arizona Cardinals01:00:00 PMFOX
10/27/20at Detroit Lions01:00:00 PMFOX
11/04/20Dallas Cowboys (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
11/10/20at New York Jets01:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at Chicago Bears01:00:00 PMFOX
12/01/20Green Bay Packers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/09/20at Philadelphia Eagles (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
12/15/20Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20at Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
09/15/20Dallas Cowboys01:00:00 PMFOX
09/23/20Chicago Bears (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
09/29/20at New York Giants01:00:00 PMFOX
10/06/20New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMFOX
10/20/20San Francisco 49ers01:00:00 PMFOX
10/24/20at Minnesota Vikings (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/03/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Detroit Lions01:00:00 PMFOX
12/01/20at Carolina Panthers01:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Green Bay Packers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
12/22/20New York Giants01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Dallas Cowboys01:00:00 PMFOX

NFC North

09/05/20Green Bay Packers (Thu)07:20:00 PMNBC
09/15/20at Denver Broncos03:25:00 PMFOX
09/23/20at Washington Redskins (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
09/29/20Minnesota Vikings03:25:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Oakland Raiders (London)12:00:00 PMFOX
10/20/20New Orleans Saints03:25:00 PMFOX
10/27/20Los Angeles Chargers12:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20at Philadelphia Eagles12:00:00 PMFOX
11/10/20Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMCBS
11/17/20at Los Angeles Rams*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/24/20New York Giants12:00:00 PMFOX
11/28/20at Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)11:30:00 AMFOX
12/05/20Dallas Cowboys (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/15/20at Green Bay Packers12:00:00 PMFOX
12/22/20Kansas City Chiefs*07:20:00 PMNBC
12/29/20at Minnesota Vikings12:00:00 PMFOX
09/05/20at Chicago Bears (Thu)07:20:00 PMNBC
09/15/20Minnesota Vikings12:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20Denver Broncos12:00:00 PMFOX
09/26/20Philadelphia Eagles (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/aMAZON**
10/06/20at Dallas Cowboys03:25:00 PMFOX
10/14/20Detroit Lions (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
10/20/20Oakland Raiders12:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20at Kansas City Chiefs*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/03/20at Los Angeles Chargers03:25:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Carolina Panthers12:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at San Francisco 49ers03:25:00 PMFOX
12/01/20at New York Giants12:00:00 PMFOX
12/08/20Washington Redskins12:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20Chicago Bears12:00:00 PMFOX
12/23/20at Minnesota Vikings (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
12/29/20at Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20at Arizona Cardinals04:25:00 PMFOX
09/15/20Los Angeles Chargers01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20at Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
09/29/20Kansas City Chiefs01:00:00 PMFOX
10/14/20at Green Bay Packers (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/20/20Minnesota Vikings01:00:00 PMFOX
10/27/20New York Giants01:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20at Oakland Raiders04:05:00 PMFOX
11/10/20at Chicago Bears01:00:00 PMCBS
11/17/20Dallas Cowboys01:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
11/28/20Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving)12:30:00 PMFOX
12/08/20at Minnesota Vikings01:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:00:00 PMFOX
Dec. 21 or 22at Denver BroncosTBDTBD
12/29/20Green Bay Packers01:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20Atlanta Falcons12:00:00 PMFOX
09/15/20at Green Bay Packers12:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20Oakland Raiders12:00:00 PMFOX
09/29/20at Chicago Bears03:25:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at New York Giants12:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20Philadelphia Eagles12:00:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMFOX
10/24/20Washington Redskins (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/03/20at Kansas City Chiefs12:00:00 PMFOX
11/10/20at Dallas Cowboys*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/17/20Denver Broncos12:00:00 PMCBS
12/02/20at Seattle Seahawks (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
12/08/20Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20at Los Angeles Chargers*07:20:00 PMNBC
12/23/20Green Bay Packers (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
12/29/20Chicago Bears12:00:00 PMFOX

NFC South

09/08/20at Minnesota Vikings01:00:00 PMFOX
09/15/20Philadelphia Eagles08:20:00 PMNBC
09/22/20at Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Houston Texans01:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20at Arizona Cardinals04:05:00 PMFOX
10/20/20Los Angeles Rams01:00:00 PMFOX
10/27/20Seattle Seahawks01:00:00 PMFOX
11/10/20at New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20at Carolina Panthers01:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:00:00 PMFOX
11/28/20New Orleans Saints (Thanksgiving)08:20:00 PMNBC
12/08/20Carolina Panthers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20at San Francisco 49ers04:25:00 PMFOX
12/22/20Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:00:00 PMFOX
09/09/20Houston Texans (Mon)06:10:00 PMESPN
09/15/20at Los Angeles Rams03:25:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at Seattle Seahawks03:25:00 PMCBS
09/29/20Dallas Cowboys07:20:00 PMNBC
10/06/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers12:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20at Jacksonville Jaguars12:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20at Chicago Bears03:25:00 PMFOX
10/27/20Arizona Cardinals12:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Atlanta Falcons12:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers12:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20Carolina Panthers12:00:00 PMFOX
11/28/20at Atlanta Falcons (Thanksgiving)07:20:00 PMNBC
12/08/20San Francisco 49ers12:00:00 PMFOX
12/16/20Indianapolis Colts (Mon)07:15:00 PMESPN
12/22/20at Tennessee Titans12:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Carolina Panthers12:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20Los Angeles Rams01:00:00 PMFOX
09/12/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Thu)08:20:00 PMNFLN
09/22/20at Arizona Cardinals04:05:00 PMFOX
09/29/20at Houston Texans01:00:00 PMFOX
10/06/20Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (London)09:30:00 AMNFLN
10/27/20at San Francisco 49ers04:05:00 PMFOX
11/03/20Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20at Green Bay Packers01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMFOX
12/01/20Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMFOX
12/15/20Seattle Seahawks01:00:00 PMFOX
12/22/20at Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMFOX
09/08/20San Francisco 49ers04:25:00 PMFOX
09/12/20at Carolina Panthers (Thu)08:20:00 PMNFLN
09/22/20New York Giants04:05:00 PMFOX
09/29/20at Los Angeles Rams04:05:00 PMFOX
10/06/20at New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20Carolina Panthers (London)09:30:00 AMNFLN
10/27/20at Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20at Seattle Seahawks04:05:00 PMFOX
11/10/20Arizona Cardinals01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMFOX
11/24/20at Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMFOX
12/01/20at Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMFOX
12/08/20Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at Detroit Lions01:00:00 PMFOX
Dec. 21 or 22Houston TexansTBDTBD
12/29/20Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMFOX

NFC West

09/08/20Detroit Lions01:25:00 PMFOX
09/15/20at Baltimore Ravens10:00:00 AMFOX
09/22/20Carolina Panthers01:05:00 PMFOX
09/29/20Seattle Seahawks01:05:00 PMFOX
10/06/20at Cincinnati Bengals10:00:00 AMFOX
10/13/20Atlanta Falcons01:05:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at New York Giants10:00:00 AMFOX
10/27/20at New Orleans Saints10:00:00 AMCBS
10/31/20San Francisco 49ers (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/10/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers11:00:00 AMFOX
11/17/20at San Francisco 49ers02:05:00 PMFOX
12/01/20Los Angeles Rams02:05:00 PMFOX
12/08/20Pittsburgh Steelers02:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20Cleveland Browns02:05:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at Seattle Seahawks02:25:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Los Angeles Rams02:25:00 PMFOX
09/08/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:25:00 PMFOX
09/15/20at Cincinnati Bengals10:00:00 AMFOX
09/22/20Pittsburgh Steelers01:25:00 PMCBS
10/07/20Cleveland Browns (Mon)05:15:00 PMESPN
10/13/20at Los Angeles Rams01:05:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at Washington Redskins10:00:00 AMFOX
10/27/20Carolina Panthers01:05:00 PMFOX
10/31/20at Arizona Cardinals (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/11/20Seattle Seahawks (Mon)05:15:00 PMESPN
11/17/20Arizona Cardinals01:05:00 PMFOX
11/24/20Green Bay Packers01:25:00 PMFOX
12/01/20at Baltimore Ravens10:00:00 AMFOX
12/08/20at New Orleans Saints10:00:00 AMFOX
12/15/20Atlanta Falcons01:25:00 PMFOX
Dec. 21 or 22Los Angeles RamsTBDTBD
12/29/20at Seattle Seahawks01:25:00 PMFOX
09/08/20at Carolina Panthers10:00:00 AMFOX
09/15/20New Orleans Saints01:25:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at Cleveland Browns05:20:00 PMNBC
09/29/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:05:00 PMFOX
10/03/20at Seattle Seahawks (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/13/20San Francisco 49ers01:05:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at Atlanta Falcons10:00:00 AMFOX
10/27/20Cincinnati Bengals (London)10:00:00 AMCBS
11/10/20at Pittsburgh Steelers01:25:00 PMFOX
11/17/20Chicago Bears*05:20:00 PMNBC
11/25/20Baltimore Ravens (Mon)05:15:00 PMESPN
12/01/20at Arizona Cardinals01:05:00 PMFOX
12/08/20Seattle Seahawks*05:20:00 PMNBC
12/15/20at Dallas Cowboys01:25:00 PMFOX
Dec. 21 or 22at San Francisco 49ersTBDTBD
12/29/20Arizona Cardinals01:25:00 PMFOX
09/08/20Cincinnati Bengals01:05:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at Pittsburgh Steelers10:00:00 AMFOX
09/22/20New Orleans Saints01:25:00 PMCBS
09/29/20at Arizona Cardinals01:05:00 PMFOX
10/03/20Los Angeles Rams (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/13/20at Cleveland Browns10:00:00 AMFOX
10/20/20Baltimore Ravens01:25:00 PMFOX
10/27/20at Atlanta Falcons10:00:00 AMFOX
11/03/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:05:00 PMFOX
11/11/20at San Francisco 49ers (Mon)05:15:00 PMESPN
11/24/20at Philadelphia Eagles*05:20:00 PMNBC
12/02/20Minnesota Vikings (Mon)05:15:00 PMESPN
12/08/20at Los Angeles Rams*05:20:00 PMNBC
12/15/20at Carolina Panthers10:00:00 AMFOX
12/22/20Arizona Cardinals01:25:00 PMFOX
12/29/20San Francisco 49ers01:25:00 PMFOX

AFC East

09/08/20at New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at New York Giants01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
11/10/20at Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
11/17/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Denver Broncos01:00:00 PMCBS
11/28/20at Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving)04:30:00 PMCBS
12/08/20Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
Dec. 21 or 22at New England PatriotsTBDTBD
12/29/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Pittsburgh Steelers08:20:00 PMNBC
09/15/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMCBS
10/10/20New York Giants (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/21/20at New York Jets (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/27/20Cleveland Browns04:25:00 PMCBS
11/03/20at Baltimore Ravens*08:20:00 PMNBC
11/17/20at Philadelphia Eagles04:25:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Dallas Cowboys04:25:00 PMFOX
12/01/20at Houston Texans*08:20:00 PMNBC
12/08/20Kansas City Chiefs04:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
Dec. 21 or 22Buffalo BillsTBDTBD
12/29/20Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20at Dallas Cowboys01:00:00 PMFOX
09/29/20Los Angeles Chargers01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMFOX
10/20/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
10/28/20at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
11/03/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20at Indianapolis Colts04:05:00 PMCBS
11/17/20Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20at Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
12/01/20Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMFOX
12/08/20at New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at New York Giants01:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20at New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
09/16/20Cleveland Browns (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
09/22/20at New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Philadelphia Eagles01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20Dallas Cowboys04:25:00 PMCBS
10/21/20New England Patriots (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/27/20at Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMCBS
11/03/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20New York Giants01:00:00 PMFOX
11/17/20at Washington Redskins01:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Oakland Raiders01:00:00 PMCBS
12/01/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
12/12/20at Baltimore Ravens (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/22/20Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS

AFC North

09/08/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20Arizona Cardinals01:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at Kansas City Chiefs01:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20at Seattle Seahawks04:25:00 PMFOX
11/03/20New England Patriots*08:20:00 PMNBC
11/10/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
11/17/20Houston Texans01:00:00 PMCBS
11/25/20at Los Angeles Rams (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
12/01/20San Francisco 49ers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/08/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
12/12/20New York Jets (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/22/20at Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
09/16/20at New York Jets (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
09/22/20Los Angeles Rams08:20:00 PMNBC
09/29/20at Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
10/07/20at San Francisco 49ers (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/13/20Seattle Seahawks01:00:00 PMFOX
10/27/20at New England Patriots04:25:00 PMCBS
11/03/20at Denver Broncos04:25:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
11/14/20Pittsburgh Steelers (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/24/20Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
12/01/20at Pittsburgh Steelers04:25:00 PMCBS
12/08/20Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at Arizona Cardinals04:05:00 PMCBS
12/22/20Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20at Seattle Seahawks04:05:00 PMCBS
09/15/20San Francisco 49ers01:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
09/30/20at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/06/20Arizona Cardinals01:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20at Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20at Los Angeles Rams (London)01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
11/17/20at Oakland Raiders04:25:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
12/01/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20New England Patriots01:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at Miami Dolphins01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20Cleveland Browns01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20at New England Patriots08:20:00 PMNBC
09/15/20Seattle Seahawks01:00:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at San Francisco 49ers04:25:00 PMCBS
09/30/20Cincinnati Bengals (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
10/06/20Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20at Los Angeles Chargers*08:20:00 PMNBC
10/28/20Miami Dolphins (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
11/03/20Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Los Angeles Rams04:25:00 PMFOX
11/14/20at Cleveland Browns (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/24/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
12/01/20Cleveland Browns04:25:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Arizona Cardinals04:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20Buffalo Bills01:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
12/29/20at Baltimore Ravens01:00:00 PMCBS

AFC South

09/09/20at New Orleans Saints (Mon)06:10:00 PMESPN
09/15/20Jacksonville Jaguars12:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20at Los Angeles Chargers03:25:00 PMCBS
09/29/20Carolina Panthers12:00:00 PMFOX
10/06/20Atlanta Falcons12:00:00 PMFOX
10/13/20at Kansas City Chiefs12:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20at Indianapolis Colts12:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20Oakland Raiders12:00:00 PMCBS
11/03/20at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)08:30:00 AMNFLN
11/17/20at Baltimore Ravens12:00:00 PMCBS
11/21/20Indianapolis Colts (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/01/20New England Patriots*07:20:00 PMNBC
12/08/20Denver Broncos12:00:00 PMCBS
12/15/20at Tennessee Titans12:00:00 PMCBS
Dec. 21 or 22at Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBDTBD
12/29/20Tennessee Titans12:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Kansas City Chiefs01:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at Houston Texans01:00:00 PMCBS
09/19/20Tennessee Titans (Thu)08:20:00 PMNFLN
09/29/20at Denver Broncos04:25:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Carolina Panthers01:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20New Orleans Saints01:00:00 PMCBS
10/20/20at Cincinnati Bengals01:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20New York Jets01:00:00 PMCBS
11/03/20Houston Texans (London)09:30:00 AMNFLN
11/17/20at Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20at Tennessee Titans04:05:00 PMCBS
12/01/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/08/20Los Angeles Chargers04:05:00 PMFOX
12/15/20at Oakland Raiders04:05:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20Indianapolis Colts01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20at Los Angeles Chargers04:05:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
09/22/20Atlanta Falcons01:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20Oakland Raiders01:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Kansas City Chiefs*08:20:00 PMNBC
10/20/20Houston Texans01:00:00 PMCBS
10/27/20Denver Broncos04:25:00 PMCBS
11/03/20at Pittsburgh Steelers01:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Miami Dolphins04:05:00 PMCBS
11/17/20Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMCBS
11/21/20at Houston Texans (Thu)08:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
12/01/20Tennessee Titans01:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Tampa Bay Buccaneers01:00:00 PMCBS
12/16/20at New Orleans Saints (Mon)08:15:00 PMESPN
12/22/20Carolina Panthers01:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Jacksonville Jaguars01:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20at Cleveland Browns12:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20Indianapolis Colts12:00:00 PMCBS
09/19/20at Jacksonville Jaguars (Thu)07:20:00 PMNFLN
09/29/20at Atlanta Falcons12:00:00 PMCBS
10/06/20Buffalo Bills12:00:00 PMCBS
10/13/20at Denver Broncos03:25:00 PMCBS
10/20/20Los Angeles Chargers03:05:00 PMCBS
10/27/20Tampa Bay Buccaneers12:00:00 PMFOX
11/03/20at Carolina Panthers12:00:00 PMCBS
11/10/20Kansas City Chiefs12:00:00 PMCBS
11/24/20Jacksonville Jaguars03:05:00 PMCBS
12/01/20at Indianapolis Colts12:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Oakland Raiders03:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20Houston Texans12:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20New Orleans Saints12:00:00 PMFOX
12/29/20at Houston Texans12:00:00 PMCBS

AFC West

09/09/20at Oakland Raiders (Mon)08:20:00 PMESPN
09/15/20Chicago Bears02:25:00 PMFOX
09/22/20at Green Bay Packers11:00:00 AMFOX
09/29/20Jacksonville Jaguars02:25:00 PMCBS
10/06/20at Los Angeles Chargers02:05:00 PMCBS
10/13/20Tennessee Titans02:25:00 PMCBS
10/17/20Kansas City Chiefs (Thu)06:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/27/20at Indianapolis Colts02:25:00 PMCBS
11/03/20Cleveland Browns02:25:00 PMCBS
11/17/20at Minnesota Vikings11:00:00 AMCBS
11/24/20at Buffalo Bills11:00:00 AMCBS
12/01/20Los Angeles Chargers02:25:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Houston Texans11:00:00 AMCBS
12/15/20at Kansas City Chiefs11:00:00 AMCBS
Dec. 21 or 22Detroit LionsTBDTBD
12/29/20Oakland Raiders02:25:00 PMCBS
09/09/20Denver Broncos (Mon)07:20:00 PMESPN
09/15/20Kansas City Chiefs01:05:00 PMCBS
09/22/20at Minnesota Vikings10:00:00 AMFOX
09/29/20at Indianapolis Colts10:00:00 AMCBS
10/06/20Chicago Bears (London)10:00:00 AMFOX
10/20/20at Green Bay Packers10:00:00 AMCBS
10/27/20at Houston Texans10:00:00 AMCBS
11/03/20Detroit Lions01:05:00 PMFOX
11/07/20Los Angeles Chargers (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/17/20Cincinnati Bengals01:25:00 PMCBS
11/24/20at New York Jets10:00:00 AMCBS
12/01/20at Kansas City Chiefs10:00:00 AMCBS
12/08/20Tennessee Titans01:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20Jacksonville Jaguars01:05:00 PMCBS
Dec. 21 or 22at Los Angeles ChargersTBDTBD
12/29/20at Denver Broncos01:25:00 PMCBS
09/08/20at Jacksonville Jaguars12:00:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at Oakland Raiders03:05:00 PMCBS
09/22/20Baltimore Ravens12:00:00 PMCBS
09/29/20at Detroit Lions12:00:00 PMFOX
10/06/20Indianapolis Colts*07:20:00 PMNBC
10/13/20Houston Texans12:00:00 PMCBS
10/17/20at Denver Broncos (Thu)07:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
10/27/20Green Bay Packers*07:20:00 PMNBC
11/03/20Minnesota Vikings12:00:00 PMFOX
11/10/20at Tennessee Titans12:00:00 PMCBS
11/18/20at Los Angeles Chargers (Mexico)07:15:00 PMESPN
12/01/20Oakland Raiders12:00:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at New England Patriots03:25:00 PMCBS
12/15/20Denver Broncos12:00:00 PMCBS
12/22/20at Chicago Bears*07:20:00 PMNBC
12/29/20Los Angeles Chargers12:00:00 PMCBS
09/08/20Indianapolis Colts01:05:00 PMCBS
09/15/20at Detroit Lions10:00:00 AMCBS
09/22/20Houston Texans01:25:00 PMCBS
09/29/20at Miami Dolphins10:00:00 AMCBS
10/06/20Denver Broncos01:05:00 PMCBS
10/13/20Pittsburgh Steelers*05:20:00 PMNBC
10/20/20at Tennessee Titans01:05:00 PMCBS
10/27/20at Chicago Bears10:00:00 AMFOX
11/03/20Green Bay Packers01:25:00 PMCBS
11/07/20at Oakland Raiders (Thu)05:20:00 PMFOX/NFLN/AMAZON**
11/18/20Kansas City Chiefs (Mexico)05:15:00 PMESPN
12/01/20at Denver Broncos01:25:00 PMCBS
12/08/20at Jacksonville Jaguars01:05:00 PMFOX
12/15/20Minnesota Vikings*05:20:00 PMNBC
Dec. 21 or 22Oakland RaidersTBDTBD
12/29/20at Kansas City Chiefs10:00:00 AMCBS

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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