How To Make An Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

Does your camera wrist strap slip off your small wrist? Why buy an adjustable one when you can make an adjustable camera wrist strap for FREE!

When I got my new camera, I decided to pass down my old camera to Drama King. He loves taking photos but I quickly noticed the wrist strap was way too big for his tiny wrist and knew I’d have to figure something out or he’d drop it. As per the norm, I was called away to tend to childhood needs -change the Wii game- when I saw Little T slipping on the Wii remote and sliding up the cord lock.

DK and His Backpack
The culprit long before he became a camera dropper.

Ding! That was the answer; an adjustable camera wrist strap. After pricing adjustable camera wrist straps, I contemplated how I could convert our included wrist strap without spending too much.

I knew if I rummaged around the house I would find an unused cord lock on a backpack, jacket, purse or any number of items that contain cord locks in our home. I found one on an old purse in the donation box and untied the cord and removed the cord lock. I crossed my fingers and grabbed the camera to test out my solution.

It worked fantastically. That is until a certain child took the wrist strap off his wrist and set the camera on top of a step stool on their school desk. We have repeated this with another camera with much better results. The boys are super cautious after breaking the first camera. Lesson learned!

Time needed: 5 minutes

Add a cord lock to a camera strap and you or your child will never drop a camera again.

  1. Find or buy a cord lock.

    Cord locks are the spring loaded plastic thingamajigs that you find on backpacks, jackets, purses and more.

  2. Slip strap through opened cord lock.

    If you have a two hole cord lock, you may need to cut the current cord to slip it through the cord lock.
    Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

  3. Tie a knot at the end of the cord farthest from the camera.

    This knot will prevent the cord lock from accidentally being taken off the strap.

  4. Use the cord lock.

    Slide cord lock to knot and release. Place wrist in the strap. Slide cord lock up to wrist and release.

By Angelia Embler

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