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I’ve done enough rambling posts that I created an image for these posts. August was a super busy month so I’ve been away from my computer more than normal. September brought our server move and loads of work behind the scenes. If you were one of a handful that received a ton of emails during the move, I apologize. I realized it was emailing out updates on every page that had a link to one of our posts so I disabled the plugin to stop the emails. I’m working on a better process for subscribing to our feed via email so hang in there.

So what has been going on with us?

The House

The bathroom renovations have almost wrapped up. It appears everything is done but we’re waiting for our landlords to inspect the work and give the final approval. It will be amazing to have two bathrooms again. Once we get the final approval, I will start the organization phase of the work. The kitchen, playroom and office had to have stuff moved out of the way for the expansion so they need to be reorganized on top of organizing the two bathrooms. Any one want to come do it for me? I hate organizing but love how it feels to be organized.


During the renovations, we put schooling on the side burner and focused on enjoying family time. However with schools starting up around us, I figured it was time to close out last school years records and start the new ones.

Drama King has been in speech for a few months now due to his enunciation problems and he’s doing well with it. Earlier this month he had an educational evaluation to determine if he has dyslexia. The report confirmed our suspicion of dyslexia along with dysgraphia and dyscalculia. The evaluation also suggested some additional testing for ruling in/out other diagnoses. Now comes the learning curve for me regarding the best way to assist Drama King with his educational goals.

Little T’s interest in reading has grown dramatically the last few months. He’s been reading more magazines and picking up more and more words. Now we’re working on spelling bigger words and sounding out words he doesn’t know how to spell. Does anyone know of a phonetic dictionary for kids to look up words based on how the word sounds?

The Blog
I did a major overhaul of our website by removing the self-written pages and moving the blog to the main site thus removing the /blog part of our web address. If you have us bookmarked or use our RSS feed, I believe everything should redirect without you doing anything. If not, please let me know. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be converting the web address with our affiliate partners.

What have you been up to lately?

By Angelia Embler

Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, answers @Yoast support, and loves to ramble. Find her curled up with a book or watching her favorite TV shows, movies, or American football game. ?

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