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Little T was diagnosed with a speech disorder called Apraxia shortly after his second birthday. Little T’s brain has trouble communicating with the muscles that are required for speech. He has always struggled with speech but that never stopped him from talking all the time.

He has been in and out of speech therapy since he was about 2.5 years old. Every few years we get a full evaluation and recommendations for the next phase. We took him to his evaluation last week and the general consensus is to continue working with him at home because he’s exceeding their expectations.

This year was a little different because Drama King also was evaluated for speech. His enunciation is not on target for his age and we were given a choice of doing speech therapy or working with him ourselves. We got the referral and will research for a local – we had to go to a neighboring state for the evaluations – speech therapy center. We, also, received a referral for a education evaluation because he’s struggling with putting words together correctly for reading. Given the problems he’s been displaying, dyslexia is the likely diagnosis.

Do you know someone with dyslexia? Does anyone have resources for teaching dyslexic children?

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By Angelia Embler

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I have a couple friends that are dyslexic, one of which is a recent graduate at New York Law School! I also take care of a young boy currently that may be autistic, they are leaning that way because of his speech, he is almost three and doesn’t use any words as of yet. Anything he did learn he regressed recently etc… He goes to a speech therapist once a week about and I do my best to help echo speech lessons with phonics and word focus etc…

Sounds like you’re doing all you can to get them the help and resources they need. Did you know Avi (popular write) was dyslexic? I say that’s inspiration for anyone to overcome their challenges. I don’t really know much about teaching kids with it though, sorry.

The more I delve into special needs between the two boys, the more I see how every person has to overcome some sort of challenge in their life.

omg Avi?!?! REALLY?!??! I LOVED she/he wrote this incredible book I read as a kiddo, dang I can’t remember what It was called. About a boy in an attic/closet, some blood stain on the floor… REALLY good!!

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