Should A Porn Star Be Allowed To Attend Prom

Megan Piper was invited by an eighteen year old high school student to go to his prom. She is nineteen and happens to be a porn star.

The school has denied her a ticket to the prom because she is an adult entertainer.

Hacktivist group Anonymous has taken up the cause of this young man who wants to bring the date of his choosing to prom. Anonymous gave warning against North Saint Pail-Maplewood-Oakdale District and more specifically Tartan High school in Minnesota that if they did not allow her to attend the prom they would start a cyber attack against them and that they will not allow the district to demonize sex workers.

The extent of the attack is unknown but the district’s website did go down when this was unfolding.

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

3 replies on “Should A Porn Star Be Allowed To Attend Prom”

1) this is very “Girl Next Door”; which happens to be a fav movie of mine.
2) it is common for schools to say “no out of school guests”, but if there policy is a YES on bringing out of school guests to prom they have no right to deny her a ticket just because of her occupation.

Yes you are right it is sort of like “Girl Next Door.” They do normally allow non student guests the reason they are using for this one is that she would interfere and/or cause a disturbance.

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