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Think About It! – Children, Bedrooms & Sharing

Think About It! ThursdayGrowing up, I had my own room. My own space for my stuff. A place my pesky little brother wasn’t allowed. A place where I could hide away from it all.

My boys, however, have always shared a room. They are 14 months apart and we lived in a two bedroom apartment for the first few years of their life. The picture below was taken when Little T moved into a twin bed and handed his toddler bed down to Drama King. They used the shelves in between to hold their water if they woke up thirsty during the night.

When we moved to our first home, they shared a small room. It fit a bunk bed and a small TV stand. Yep, it was a pretty small room but thankfully the house had a large playroom to house their toys. In the house were renting now, they have a HUGE bedroom – big enough to house two twin bed, two large desks, a TV stand and multiple toy storage options. However, they don’t have a place to shut out the world – or their pesky brother.boys-share-room

To share, or not to share, that is the question:

It’s not a simple question though. I certainly think boys and girls should not share a bedroom once they hit puberty. It’s just one of those things I think should be avoided. Another is putting toddlers in a teenagers room—too large of an age gap.

Pros to sharing a bedroom

  • Learning to live with another person in tight quarters will certainly come in handy when you move in with someone for the first time whether as roommates or as a couple.
  • A sleep over environment every night. A friend sibling fribling to talk about the  days events.
  • Shared clean up duty

Pros to having your own room

  • A place to retreat from the world with no interruptions from pesky siblings
  • No one to prevent your from sleeping
  • No one getting into your stuff or breaking your favorite item

My Thoughts
I’m on the line with this one. I don’t think one is better than the other as they each have good and bad aspects. I do think parents need to take time to listen if kids have concerns over the bedroom assignments. Drama King has voiced concerns about sharing a bedroom at times and we’ve devised solutions to the problems so sharing a bedroom is not a horrible thing forced on him but something he took part in creating.

Next week’s topic: What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

Your Turn
What do you think about children sharing a bedroom versus having their own room?

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By Angelia Embler

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