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Think About It Thursday – Hot Chocolate or Hot Cider

Hot ChocolateToday’s Topic: Hot Chocolate or Hot Cider?

I have only had hot cider once or twice that I can remember and I wasn’t very fond of it so hot chocolate is my pick hands down.

Well that was a short answer so why not chime in on my other thought provoking post today on maternity leave for teenagers.

Next week’s topic: Is telecommuting the most effective solution for reducing highway congestion?

Think About It Thursday – Hot Chocolate or Cider

Think About It ThursdayWhat’s your preference hot chocolate or hot cider?

The ground rules:

  1. No Giveaways or reviews please, we want to stick to our topic or whatever thought-provoking topic you have decided on your own. We want to get to know you personally not what you like or give out right?
  2. Make sure that you follow all the hosts! (Mumfection, and Home Maid Simple). Pop in and let them know you’re following via GFC and/or Facebook (or whatever your following method is).
  3. Only thought-provoking posts, which is why we always have a great topic for you prepared in case you are just having a blank day.
  4. Make sure your post has our Think About it Thursday button!
  5. Have fun, make some friends, follow, comment thoughtfully and above all else be respectful!
  6. Lastly, we would love it if you suggest some topics for us to discuss! Who knows if we pick your topic, we may feature your blog!

Image: Hot Chocolate by Neil Gould via stock.xchng

By Angelia Embler

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2 replies on “Think About It Thursday – Hot Chocolate or Hot Cider”

Someone that I worked with a few years ago brought it for our team meeting. It was in a slow cooker to keep it warm throughout the meeting so it could have been made fresh.

After reading your post, I also seem to recall having a sip of apple cider at an apple orchard when the boys were small. They seemed to like it though.

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