Reading Reflex: Week Two

Last week we introduced you to Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness and shared our tough first week. Since we had so many things planned and the boys were having trouble sleeping, we kept this week pretty light. We played the blending game and sounds around us game randomly throughout each day.

Week 2 In Review

Little T had letter names drilled into his head in preschool and has a hard time remembering to tell me the letter sound instead of the letter name but he’s getting better each day. From what I can tell he has a large memory bank of memorized words which is how he’s been reading and why he struggles sounding out and spelling words.

Thankfully we never drilled letter names into Drama King’s head so he’s picking up the few sounds he had trouble with in prior years. He struggles a little blending sounds together but is starting to get the hang of it. Each time he blends sounds to make a word, I encourage him by reminding him that he’s reading even if it’s only one word.

The couple time we actually sat down for lessons, I found a fantastic game that stresses letter sounds. It’s based of the Garfield and Friends characters from Orson’s Farm. There aren’t too many levels but the boys had a blast mastering each level and easily finished it within an hour. The site also offers a comic book creator which the boys seriously love.

What did I learn this week? Teach your child letter sounds over letter names. It will help them tremendously when they begin to read and spell.

What are you reading?

I just finished reading Alienation by Jon S. Lewis and Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Now I’m starting the Dark Swan Series with the first book Storm Born by Richelle Mead. I loved her Vampire Academy series and the spinoff series Bloodlines so I figured her other books should be good, too.

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