The Influents

Normally when we review an album it is a new release but odds are you have never heard of The Influents and they are worth a listen. I would group them as a Pop Rock type of band but some of their songs have a punk, folk, or even country feel to them. The band released two albums before disbanding to pursue other interests.  The Influents consists of Greg Schneider, Willie Samuels, Johnnie Wentz, Bill Schneider, and Jason White.

Some of the Young by The Influents album cover


12 songs, 37 min 55 sec

Check Please by The Influents album cover


11 songs, 32 min 2 sec

A little background on where they are now. Willie is is a recording engineer and now owns his own studio Nu-Tone Recordings, Bill owns Univibe Drums in Berkeley while also being the tour manager for Green Day on several recent tours. Jason has recently joined Green Day as the fourth member after touring with them for over a decade.

They have two albums Check Please and Some of the Young.  I really liked Check Please as it flows very well and has a few great songs.  Some of the Young is also good but a couple of the songs just don’t flow to well.

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