Unlimited Access to All HBO Shows With HBO GO

Do you have a favorite HBO show? Did you know you can watch that show for FREE with HBO GO from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Xbox 360 or computer?

The HBO GO service is a real change to the normal streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Other than a couple of times when our internet provider was having less than stellar performance it has had zero pixelation, pausing, skipping like we encountered with both Netflix and Hulu.

They have every episode of every tv show they have ever created available on it even if that show hasn’t been on the air in the last decade.  They also have a ton of movies available.

I tested the android app for HBO GO and that also works well. Would be nice if they could offer a way to download the videos for playback later or so you can play it on an off network device at a later time.

Every cable providers offers HBO GO except Time Warner Cable and Cablevision as they do not have a way to authenticate that you are an HBO subscriber which brings me to the fact that it is free but of course you do have to be an HBO subscriber.

We just started watching True Blood and so far we are hooked to it. We just finished watching episode 7.  I wonder what other shows we will run across.

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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