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Amazon has over 15,000 titles you can stream for free with your paid Amazon Prime membership if you live in the US. We have been watching a few television shows on it. Some shows we have only seen the later seasons so we are caught up with earlier seasons.

The performance is much better than Hulu and Amazon Prime videos do not have annoying commercials.  You can view Amazon Prime Videos on your computer, tablet, gaming console, online streaming devices plus a ton of TV’s and Blu-ray players with online support.

Amazon also recently announced they plan to start creating their own shows.  They will be using an interesting process for that as Amazon will be accepting pitches for shows from writers via its Amazon Studios division. Studio executives will review the pitches and pick out one each month to develop further. Apparently, Amazon will get feedback from viewers to gauge the interest in seeing the pitches turned into real TV shows.

The writers who submit the pitches will get $10,000 if Amazon places an option on the program. If Amazon then chooses to turn the pitch into a show, the writer will get an additional $55,000 and a 5% cut of merchandise and other royalties. The focus for pitches initially will be for comedy and children’s programming as those shows will be at a lower cost to produce but they plan on adding action and drama’s in the future.

We have had an Amazon Prime membership since 2007 because we purchase so much from Amazon it makes it nice to receive the items faster than with normal standard shipping and without having to pay any shipping fees per order.

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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