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A Look Inside Our Snack Bucket

Quaker Soft Baked Bars might come from a box but they look like they the ones you get at the specialty bakery around the corner.

I’m not much of a breakfast at breakfast kind of person and neither are the boys or Tim. The list of ingredients for Quaker Soft Baked Bars contains actual foods like rolled oats, brown sugar, and crisp rice. They are packed with protein and fiber to keep our tummies happy until lunchtime. These bars are the perfect grab and go breakfast snack for those days that we’re running late to a doctor appointment. I think the cinnamon pecan one just might taste like a cinnamon roll so that would probably be the family favorite. Plus they’ll be a perfect addition to our snack bucket.

Snack Bucket

Have I told you about our snack bucket?

No. Let’s fix that now. You see, we are a snack loving family and we have a snack bucket. It holds small treats like beef jerky, marshmallow treats, lucas [Mexican candy], cheese and crackers, plus any other individual sized snacks. The boys are allowed one treat per day and some days they take no treats and some days they have an extra snack during quiet time or at bedtime. The treat bucket is at their level and is an honor based system. It’s the perfect way for the boys to get a quick snack to tide them over between meals without an adult having to dole it out like it’s a delicacy.

This is also where all the Halloween candy goes and most other candies that enter our house. Guess what’s always at the bottom of the bucket in our house? If you thought the healthy stuff, you’d be wrong. Usually the sugary candy is the last to go from the bucket. When you always have access to sugary treats, they become less appealing.

So back to the delicious looking Quaker Soft Baked Bars. With only two flavors, Cinnamon Pecan Bread and Banana Nut Bread, one can only hope they come out with even more wholesome food flavors – maybe one that has a touch of chocolate?

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Quaker Oats. All opinions are 100% mine.

By Angelia Embler

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