Gummies in the Making

A few weeks ago, Tim and I skimmed through the clearance toy section at our local Wal-mart as we always do when shopping at Wal-mart. We found some great items for under $5 to help restock our diminishing gift box. We picked up some art projects, holiday and birthday gifts, and a few household items. One of those art projects was a gummy making kit like this one but in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

GummyI pulled it out the other afternoon when the boys wanted a snack. They had so much fun making gummies that they want to do it again. After they added each color to each set, they combined what they had left into one squeeze bottle which created a black goo. They proceeded to put a drop of black on each of the gummies they made. After an hour or so of drying time, they devoured only a few of them. They put the rest in a baggie and continued to eat a few each day until they were gone.

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By Angelia Embler

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