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Indoor Plumbing: Oh, How I Miss You!

We don’t appreciate the little things until they aren’t there. We know it’s true but rarely think about the little things like running water, a roof over your head, food on the table, or a place to lay your head at night. Our family completely appreciates indoor plumbing but we never think about it not being there. Well, that is, until it’s not there.

WaterThis unusual weather has wrecked havoc all over the U.S. but it hits very close to home because we’ve been without water for days now. Pair that up with rolling blackouts and you have a recipe for disaster. No showers, no toilet flushing, no washing dishes, no water for drinking or cooking. And at times, no lights and no heat.

Thankfully, we were able to get some water before panic set in around town so we could conservatively use water and prioritize how we utilized the precious commodity. As it warmed up outside, we worried about the pipes bursting after being frozen for so long and we took extra care to slowly warm the pipes and keep the water flowing. Even with our extra care, we discovered a small leak in the back bathroom. We turned off the water and contacted our landlords about it. Of course, plumbers are in high demand due to many homes with frozen pipes, leaks, burst pipes, and other various issues related around the storm. So, I attempted to seal the pipe with duct tape and it’s holding for short periods of time so we can turn the water on and off at needed. At least we have a temporary solution and are crossing our fingers that the plumber can squeeze us in this weekend so we don’t have to wait a week or two until the next available appointment.

I’ve not been online a lot due to the rolling blackouts and have been reading Invasion by Jon S. Lewis (review coming soon) and spending lots of time with the family. In fact this evening, the boys have been looking forward to a blackout and it hasn’t happened so far. No blackout has allowed me to finish up some work that I’ve been putting off during the blackouts.

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By Angelia Embler

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