Internet Redudency

As some of you may know we have moved to a rural area which means our internet options are limited.

We have used one provider which has not been the best. They have had several issues and have accused us of using too much connectivity before. We both work from home and with two boys who use the internet as part of their schooling we do use it a decent amount.

cablesSo we have decided to add a second internet connection. Now that we have installed it we needed a new router that will handle two internet connections to enable us to load balance between the two.

We have selected the Syswan Duolinks SW24. This router has been great. It keeps a 50/50 load share between the two connections and if one link goes down it only uses the connection that is still online. We have used this setup for over a month now and it has been fantastic. Even if we move back to a major city I think I will still keep this and get two connections in town.

This router is just a wired router so we are using our old wireless router in bridge mode with the Syswan.

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By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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