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Meet Zubie The Fun Way To Manage Your Vehicle

How many times have you flipped on your wiper blades and cursed at yourself for not picking up a new pair because you’ve needed new ones for months? How about forgetting to change your oil? We’re guilty of both of these problems but Zubie would help us keep on top of those pesky vehicle things we tend to forget.

Say Hi to Zubie

Zubie is a smart device that plugs into a port in your compatible vehicle (most 1996 or newer) to monitor your vehicle, diagnose repair problems and take the hassle out of daily driving. All you have to do is download an app to you iPhone or Android smartphone and Zubie will communicate with you about your vehicle.

So what can Zubie tell you about your vehicle? Ever wondered what that little icon means when it flashes on your dashboard? Zubie knows and can help estimate how much it will cost to fix! Did your teenager speed to school to make it on time today? Zubie knows and will provide driving tips for better performance! Is your battery dying? Zubie knows so you can fix it before your stranded in town! Do your driving habits cost you more in gas or repairs? Zubie knows and will give you tips for saving money. Did you spouse make it to work after it snowed all night? Zubie knows so you don’t have to worry!

There are so many more things Zubie knows and will certainly pay for itself if you use your vehicle regularly. Tire pressure, time to change the wiper blades, oil changes, and oh so many other things that busy people constantly forget.

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Disclosure: This post brought to you by Zubie. All opinions are 100% mine.

By Angelia Embler

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