Mr Rogers Song “You Are Special” Harmful To Children?

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  1. Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews

    We did not have Mr. Rogers in Canada when we were growing up we had another show with a gentleman and puppets…his name is not coming to me right now. But I know my husband grew up watching Mr. Rogers and has fond memories of watching it. I also think we do need to teach our children how special they are….so many struggle with self-esteem.

  2. Mallery

    I find that people are blaming Mr. Roger’s for what children have become is sickening. Clearly, these people have never actually sat and watched Mr. Rogers; who strived to make every child in this world feel special and loved. Even when Mr. Roger’s accepted his lifetime achievement award at the Emmy’s, instead of thanking everyone, he simply asked the audience to think about those who loved and encouraged them throughout their lives, and helped them become the adults that they were. And for the record, Mr. Rogers is a minister himself, and felt his calling was to help all children realize their own unique potentials, and that you could be anything you wanted to be as long as you stayed true to yourself. He was an honorable man who helped many young children learn to be happy within their own skin. Shame on these people.

  3. Adelina Priddis

    I so very much agree with April! Entitlement is occuring because we stopped balancing our teachings. Kids need to know to strive for their best, but to also show compassion for others, and boost others along the way. Being special has nothing to do with gettin everything free of charge just because we happen to be alive and human.
    Great post! I love Mr Rogers!

  4. April Shaner

    Wow!! There is so much I have to respond to this controversial topic, but I will do my best to restrain myself. First, our entitled kids aren’t Mr. Rogers fault in the least. Before the latter part of the 19th century many children were given their self image through religious instruction. This is not a religious topic or one for that, but all the major religious figures-Christ, Buddha, etc all tell people in their written word that we are individuals and special to our creator. If you don’t believe, that is fine, but these are some of the oldest writings and they are inundated with messages about how special children are and how they should be treasured and these writings, like it or not, set the tone for most societal beliefs. Our entitled generation is a product of the times we live in because we don’t balance the message children are special with ones like children need boundaries, lots of attention and love. I will end my rant here. To blame an individual’s message of encouragement is just wrong. Children should be encouraged, as should we all.

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