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Drama King decided to join Little T in their room two nights ago. Now, they sleep in their own room every night. It’s been a battle every night because they want toys in their room and I want to keep toys out of the bedroom. I am hoping that keeping toys out of their room will help them fall asleep quicker because they are not tempted to play. They have a TV with a DVD/VCR combo and we just realized it also plays CDs. The boys love having their own TV but sharing is always a rough lesson.

The boys have also learned the classic knock knock joke pattern. They haven’t mastered telling them so they aren’t funny but the boys laugh hysterically when they tell them to each other. Occasionally, Drama King will tell Little T that his joke isn’t funny and will walk away. They are a riot.

Alf (TV alien) laughing in the kitchen window

We’ve been working on the alphabet with the boys. What sound each letter makes, recognizing letters in books they read, recognizing sight words, and more. Drama King has started reciting (not reading) books that he knows. He’s also begun predicting things that *might* happen in a story. He loves to tell stories about things he’s done or wants to do.

The house has remained clean since Thanksgiving but mainly because I have followed around them reminding them to keep it clean. Tomorrow, we’re going to tackle the back yard. It’s been a while since we tackled the back yard so it’ll take a while.

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