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Reading Reflex: Introduction, Prep & Week One

After Drama King’s dyslexia diagnosis, we researched methods and ultimately selected Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness because the authors studied the various methods for teaching children to read and combined the best techniques to create their own method. The method adheres to teaching letter sounds over names. They claim to have 100% success rate increasing children’s reading and spelling levels. Struggling readers learn to read at grade level or higher while good readers become even better readers.

I thought we’d put this to the test with both boys and blog through the experiences we have as we progress with the program. Drama King is 8 years old and loves to read with big brother, grandma, mom and dad but struggles reading alone. He has dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Little T is 9 years old and reads at grade level but struggles with spelling. He has speech apraxia and ADHD.

Prep & Week 1 In Review

The first week I spent reading the first few chapters to get a feel for the process. The book recommends two hours a week broken into two one hour sessions or four 30 minutes sessions. The first few sessions focus on teaching letter sounds by blending sounds to make words and breaking words into each sound.

The first two sessions have been the hardest part for me as I’m not sure if I am saying the sounds correctly but we’re pushing through each session. After the first couple days I searched and found a few resources to help me with sounds and blending. I’ll be trying these out and report back next week.

By Angelia Embler

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