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#AtoZChallenge – A is for Avocado

This month we’ve taken on a challenge – one that involves blogging through the alphabet. Our theme for the challenge is food so come share your thoughts on Avocados!

A to Z April Challenge This month we’ve taken on a challenge – one that involves blogging through the alphabet. We spent most of last month debating over a theme for the challenge and settled on: FOOD!

avocadoWe’ve all heard that a is for apple but I prefer to think that a is for avocado, the pear shaped fruit that is hugely popular is our house.

We love putting them on our burgers, sandwiches, and especially mashed in the form of guacamole. And avocado oil is wonderful for your skin so rub the inside of the avocado on any rough patches on your skin. Of course, make sure you’ve removed all the yumminess inside the avocado first.

Don’t forget to save the seeds so you can sprout them to grow your own avocado tree. We’ve sprouted many seeds but never made it past the sprout stage to plant outdoors.

Do you have a favorite avocado dish?

Photo Credit: Chance Agrella via Freerange Stock

By Angelia Embler

Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, answers @Yoast support, and loves to ramble. Find her curled up with a book or watching her favorite TV shows, movies, or American football game. ?

19 replies on “#AtoZChallenge – A is for Avocado”

It wasn’t until this last year that I discovered how good they are! I eat them strait out of the skin.

Good luck with the seed. We changed out the water ever other day for the ones that we got to sprout. One got pretty tall but once we transplanted it outside, it was attacked my bugs and died.

Avocado sounds like a great fruit, haven’t had it yet. Apples are aplenty here and made more famous with the nursery rhyme, A is for Apple 🙂

You should certainly give avocados a try. You can even eat them right out of the skin; just grab a spoon and munch away. Maybe add a sprinkle of salt if you prefer.

I love avocados. I like to mush it up and spread it on my tortillas as a condiment, instead of using mayo or mustard! Can’t wait to read more of your food posts for the A to Z Challenge.

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