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Things we’ve attended in person including county fairs, wrestling shows, and so much more.

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Do Homeschool Kids Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Homeschoolers may not have a classroom filled with kids but they still celebrate Valentine’s day with a little twist. Some of our local groups get together for a Valentine’s Day exchange party at a local park but our preferred method is the international Valentine’s Day exchange.

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How We Spent Our Easter Weekend #UBP13

Last year, we went to SpringFest and participated in their Easter egg hunt but some of us came home cranky and overwhelmed so this year we tried to find something better. Unfortunately we were...

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Easter Bunny Caught On Camera

A few years ago, we caught the Tooth Fairy during his first visit to our house and this year we’re hoping we’ll catch the Easter Bunny hopping by this weekend. For less than $10...

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Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Christmas will arrive at our home shortly so while we’re busy celebrating, I found one of my favorite short movies to share with you. The orphans at a small orphanage wake to find their...

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2 Minute Microwave Fudge

As a child, I remember making microwave fudge and dug out the recipe to make with the boys last weekend. This fudge is seriously easy to make and super kid friendly. We’ve made it...