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First Schwan’s Order Far From Flawless

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We placed our first order with Schwan’s and have already had a mishap. Thankfully, the live chat support agent worked with us to fix the issue in time for our second delivery. And thanks to having such a great driver, he dropped of the replacement item the next day so we didn’t have to wait for the next delivery. He doesn’t know it but he saved dinner that night as we opted for an easy dinner of chicken strips and french fries. So what did we order and what did we think of everything?

Besides the chicken strips and crinkle-cut french fries, we also ordered soft pretzels, popcorn chicken, egg rolls, pot stickers, stuffed pasta shells, sweet potato fries, and ice cream. And my last-minute spur of the moment item was fudge sticks. Oh, how I love me a good fudgesicle and I was hoping Schwan’s would be as good as the ones I love. We have pretty much tried everything now and we can say hands down that Schwan’s has some kick-ass food. We’ve already placed a second order which should arrive this week and I can easily see us ordering from them semi-regularly. The prices are a little more than the frozen aisle at your local grocery store but the quality is definitely worth the price tag. And I don’t say that very often when it comes to frozen foods.

The popcorn chicken alone is going to save me a lot of prep time in the kitchen. I can serve them alone with dipping sauces during a football game or toss them in our orange chicken sauce or lemon chicken sauce for a quick and easy dinner. As expected, I still love our homemade french fries but having different varieties in the freezer make for an easy change-up to our menu plans without having to do all the prep work. I’m thinking we might pick up some of the individual pizzas and other single serving items for the boys to make when they don’t like what we have for dinner.

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The ice cream. If you’ve ever known anyone who’s used Schwan’s, they probably rave about the ice cream. It’s the first thing I heard from my mom when I mentioned we’d be trying them out. The fudge sticks are seriously creamy, delicious and packed with so much chocolate flavor that my craving was satisfied every time.

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